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Everything You Need To Know About The NIS2 Directive

The NIS2 Directive came into force on a European basis since January 16, 2023, introducing mandatory security measures and reporting obligations.

It sets out minimum requirements for cybersecurity. It is intended to help standardize the level of cybersecurity in The European Union and strengthen international cooperation in the fight against cyberattacks. The EU member states must transpose the directive into national law by October 2024.

The date for the implementation of the NIS2 into the national NIS2 UmsuCG is questionable. Regardless of this, companies are well advised to implement the minimum requirements in accordance with Art. 21 of NIS2 as soon as possible.

In Germany, around 30,000 companies are affected by this directive, which entails new obligations.

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Overview Of The Affected Sectors

Sectors with high criticality (Annex I)




Banking and Finance

Drinking Water

Waste Water

Digital Infrastructure

Space Flight

Public Administration

Management of ICT Services

Other critical Sectors (Annex II)

Post and Courier Services

Waste Management

Chemical Products


Processing/Manufacturing Industry

Digital Services


Check if you are affected

Are You Affected By The NIS2 Directive?

Question No. 1

Have you previously been a critical infrastructure operator (KRITIS)?

If your company is already classified as KRITIS according to BSIG, it will automatically be affected by NIS2, as these are defined as a separate category in the directive.

Question No. 2

Are you one of the sectors affected?

Companies with at least 50 employees and an annual turnover of at least €10 million that fall into one of the affected sectors are affected by NIS2. This includes both public and private institutions.

Question No. 3

Does your company meet the defined thresholds for company size and count as a highly critical according to annex I or critical sector according to annex II?

Question No. 4

Are you one of the special cases?

Some specific cases of particularly important entities, such as qualified trust services, TLD registries and DNS services, are affected by the NIS2 Directive regardless of their size.

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All About The NIS2 Directive With Rebecca Hundschell

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