CyberCompare helps you purchase IT-, OT- and IoT-Security

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Strategy, Benchmarking, Specifications, Service Descriptions, Offer Comparisons and Project Management are all part of the process.

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Businesses face the challenge of having to take protective measures on a daily basis.

At the same time, they face an unmanageable market of cybersecurity solutions and services from over 7,000 providers around the world mostly due to technological advancements. So, why should every company, every IT department, start from scratch when it comes to purchasing IT security, spending valuable time obtaining and comparing offers?

Service Descriptions
Obtaining and Comparing Offers
Project Management for Tenders
Our Service for you

Simple. Clear. Affordable.

CyberCompare, A Bosch Business is the independent purchasing platform for CyberSecurity and your partner for the procurement of IT, OT and IoT security.
We will help you find the right provider in 4 steps and will be happy to advise you:

1. Requirements

We help you to specify your requirements

2. Tendering

CyberCompare tenders your requirements anonymously

3. Comparison

We provide you with an objective comparison of provider offerings

4. Final Decision

You make the last decision with our support

with cybercompare you will benefit from advantages

What to Expect

Save Time
Anonymize Tenders
Leverage our Independence
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Protect, Detect, Respond

20. June 2024 | 09:00 - 11:15 AM

Gain insights from security providers on incident response and forensic analysis of cyber attacks.