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What Is SAP Security and Why Would You Need it?

SAP security refers to the overall concept for securing a company’s information assets in an SAP system.

The SAP Business Suite is not only the absolute market leader among ERP solutions in the DACH region, but is also extremely widespread globally – a true success story. Many of our clients are in the process of migrating from ECC (and partially R/3) to S/4 HANA, and nearly every office worker is familiar with modules like FI, CO or solutions like Ariba and SuccessFactors.

For all companies using SAP, the SAP applications and data are considered critical systems and crown jewels – whether it’s accounting, procurement and logistics tracking, or HR data. These applications and data are needed to be protected.

Key Aspects

How Does SAP Security Help?

Protection against cyberattacks
Access Controls
Rights Management
Recording of Activities
From Our Customers

Organizational Insights and Challenges on SAP Security

Whats driving the industry?
Many companies are currently migrating from older SAP versions like ECC to the newer S/4HANA platform. SAP applications and data are considered critical systems for businesses – whether in accounting, procurement, logistics or human resources.

Why companies carry out migrations:
For companies with SAP systems, the security of these applications and data is a top priority. SAP solutions and data must be protected against unauthorized access, manipulation or loss, as this is business-critical information.

High damage in the event of failures:
A failure or data theft would generally cause high losses across the Group. Compliance departments and auditors also keep an eye on the confidentiality and integrity of SAP data.
It is therefore clear that information security for SAP applications should have a high priority.

Complex structures:
SAP system interfaces often used by thousands of users. In addition, corporate groups often have their own SAP system for each major legal entity and separate responsibilities for SAP – also separate from the rest of IT.

Typically Covered Areas of SAP Security

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How a Typical Project With Us Looks Like

Target Definition of the Future Concept

Target definition and development of the future concept in several workshops. This includes the target architectur and the question of what is provided internally or outsourced

Result: Defined procedure/objective for the tendering of the target scenario
Tender Preparation & Specification

Workshops to record the requirements (scoping) and iterative adaptation of the specifications after consultation and clarification of open questions


  • Specification of an anonymized specification sheet for the tender/comparison of offers
  • Selection of a longlist of 5 providers for the invitation to tender
Offer Comparison & Decision Preparation

Request for tenders from defined providers – can be anonymized

Coordination, consolidation and preparation of the offers as well as evaluation with a recommendation regarding top providers and concepts in comparison with the specification and the target concept

Creation of a report with a clear award recommendation & visibility of the differentiating features

ResultBasis for a qualitative decision for 1-2 providers for final negotiation and awarding of contract

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Through standardized specifications, we ensure a quick request for proposal process.


With over 500 projects, we have a comprehensive market overview and ensure the selection of a suitable provider.


We facilitate your decision-making process when selecting cybersecurity products.

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