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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) or Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is the foundation of IT and OT security. EDR is a technical solution that protects endpoints such as laptops, workstations and servers by continuously monitoring and analysing endpoint behaviour.

When selecting any cybersecurity solution, an organisation must always ask itself the questions: Do we have the capacity to work meaningfully with the tool in question? Can we really use the functions to their full extent? Is it possible for us to ensure 24/7 monitoring? Often, the answer to these questions is no. Find the right solutions for you now in order to be able to use the capacities and functions to their full extent – we will be happy to advise and support you.

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Endpoint / Extended Detection and Response (EDR/XDR) can significantly increase endpoint security

Key features of a modern endpoint protection solution include behaviour-based anomaly detection, detection of identity-based or fileless attacks, correlation of signals across devices, and connection of additional log sources to map complex use cases, in addition to traditional malware protection. A well-chosen endpoint protection service can provide you with comprehensive protection for your endpoints.

Threat hunting using telemetry data

The telemetry data of your endpoints provides information about their status and usage, among other things. When stored, this data allows for threat hunting and advanced analysis, including forensics. Threat hunting can be performed proactively by external security experts or by automated tools. Some XDR solutions have become so advanced that they can now almost replace the security-related functions of a SIEM. We support you in deciding which solution should be used in your company. In addition, it is also important to work with the systems in order to be able to use the functions at all. Does your own team have the capacity to ensure 24/7 monitoring? Often, outsourcing to professional providers (MDR or Managed SOC) is the right way to go, as they can efficiently take over operations, monitoring, and incident response for many customers.

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EDR/XDR: How to find the right solution for the protection of your endpoints

Today, providers’ favorite marketing buzzwords are EPP, EDR, and XDR – but what do the terms mean and which solution is right for your situation? Which things are important to know and what options are there? In our whitepaper, we provide answers to these questions and aim to bring you closer to the right solution for protecting your endpoints.

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