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NIS2-Directive in CyberInsights

The EU’s new NIS2-Directive addresses many essential aspects of cyber security, from early detection of attacks and establishing trusted identities to proactively responding to incidents and improving awareness and understanding of the intricacies of phishing.
It is not just a purely legal requirement, but the foundation for a resilient digital infrastructure in companies and organizations.

CyberInsights is a magazine that combines our internal know-how with that of external specialists. In changing cybersecurity topics, we offer you the opportunity to familiarize yourself fully with the topics through our analyses and to implement the practical measures of the respective specialist areas.

In the NIS2 edition of CyberInsights, we talked to 6 cybersecurity experts about the EU directive and analyze from the ground up what is now necessary for you as a professional. This edition features experts from the following companies: EY GmbH & Co. KG, @YET, Nexus Technology GmbH, nicos cyber defense GmbH, NVISO and CybeReady.

The agenda includes the following points:

  1. Are you affected by NIS2?
  2. NIS2 and attack detection systems
  3. Incident Response in the NIS2-Directive
  4. Trustred identities in the sense of NIS2
  5. Outsourcing NIS2 fulfillment to an MSSP?
  6. Awareness in NIS2
  7. Conclusion

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