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CyberCompare is an independent purchasing platform for cybersecurity. We help customers prioritize, specify requirements and service descriptions, compare offers, conduct market research and create concrete decision templates with clear recommendations.

Our goal is always to make cybersecurity simpler, easier to understand and more affordable. We aim to save time, money and resources for both our customers and providers, and to create clear decision templates for customers. CyberCompare is a one-stop store for both sides. As a platform, we can join forces, find new answers together, and work together to increase everyone’s security. When selecting vendors and evaluating offers, we draw on Bosch’s experience and feedback from our now approximately 400 external customers. With our help, you save time and make the best use of your budget.

Facts about CyberCompare you should know:

~400 external customers served – private and public sectors in DACH and UK. From SMB to Fortune 500, from critical infrastructure like utilities, hospitals, airports or banks to chemicals, pharma, manufacturing, engineering, logistics, e-commerce or retail.

>500 IT-, OT- and IoT-Security projects carried out.

No reselling contracts – 100% vendor neutral advice. No commissions, no referral fees, no payments by vendors in RfPs, no incentive to recommend expensive options or long consulting projects.

All security vendors, service providers, consultancies + channel partners can be involved in RfPs.

10-30 workdays effort saved for your teams in a project, e.g., in requirements engineering and evaluation of quotes.

New best price: We make sure you get the best deal for a specific scope, qualification, service or product, otherwise you don’t need to pay us. Our structured approach and benchmarking database do the job.

20% typical savings in external spend achieved vs. project without our involvement.

One mission: To get the most security for your budget. By comparing security controls and comparing quotes, vendors, services and products.

No headache. We deliver clear recommendations and stay with you until the job is done, to reduce the risk in cybersecurity decisions. There are no perfect answers, but together is better than alone.

Two payment models: Fixed fees per project or subscription (our Security Co-Pilot Service).

Solid advisory board with battle-tested CIOs and CISOs.

A constantly increasing number of organizations of any size is becoming the targets of cyber-attacks. Thereby, the growing connectivity along the value chain acts as an accelerator and increases the potential impact of such attacks. The attacks often involve stealing and exposing data, shutting down networks and machines, and extorting ransoms (typically payable in cryptocurrencies) for the release of stolen data.
Furthermore, both regulatory requirements and complexity in cybersecurity management are continuously increasing.
We are independent partners for comparing the different available cybersecurity solutions, so that you are optimally protected based on your unique situation.

Efficient: We save your team time – e.g. with standardized recommendations during specification, bid comparison, with budget estimates, with templates and playbooks. We know that preparing specifications and clarifying issues with vendors costs you and your colleagues a lot of time.

Anonymized: Inquiries to security providers can be made under the Bosch brand to protect sensitive information and obtain attractive terms and conditions.

Independent: 100% independent of providers and always on behalf of the customer, without reselling contracts or exclusivity. From giant American consulting groups to German specialist providers to Israeli start-ups, whether hidden champion or desired candidate: We obtain binding offers and compare them for you. We recommend providers with whom we have had good experience at Bosch or in cooperation with our customers. At the same time, we are open to alternatives because – unlike many resellers – we have no vendor sales targets and our remuneration is not dependent on sales-related discounts on list prices. Our goal is to represent the customer’s interests in the best possible way.

Years of expertise: Experience from projects with around 400 external customers and units of the Bosch group. Digitization and automation are driving the complexity and scope of necessary cybersecurity – whether in enterprise IT or in the industrial environment (operations technology and internet of things / networked devices). We work with you to identify your needs, support you in prioritizing them, and find the right solution for your specific problem.

Always up to date: The cybersecurity market is dynamic. Vendors need to keep cybersecurity solutions up to date and implement the latest best practices. The technical scope of hardware and software is constantly changing, more features are being developed all the time. Old vendors disappear and new vendors emerge that can better protect your business. With us you can switch providers with confidence.

We relieve you and your team of time-consuming preparation work: From specification and requirements specification templates, playbooks, best practices, budget estimates, templates, market research, vendor communication to offer comparisons and complete tender processes. Making offers comparable and using them to develop transparent bases for decision-making takes time – especially when you’re doing it for the first time. We offer the experience of similar projects, standardized processes and existing results – together and efficiently. We provide a regular exchange of information with companies in a similar situation and our independent network of experts. What are the benefits for purchasing? We support you in obtaining and evaluating comparative offers and with clear decision-making templates. Our goal is always the best price-performance ratio for your organization.

A typical task for us: There is already an offer from a provider. However, at least 3 offers as well as a structured, comprehensible comparison are required to comply with compliance requirements and to avoid maverick buying. We take care of this – together with you, we define technical and commercial criteria, obtain qualified alternative offers on your behalf and deliver a methodical offer comparison with a management summary. An iterative coordination with you is a matter of course.

If desired, we offer a neutral initial diagnosis and creation or review of a security roadmap. Together with you, we prioritize the topics according to risk, cost and effectiveness to enable a staggered implementation. Via our procurement platform, you can then tender and implement security measures at low cost, or get into a better negotiating position with existing providers via comparative offers. We work with you, insurance brokers and cyber insurance carriers to achieve affordable insurance coverage for your company.

We offer our customers various remuneration models. As an independent tender platform, we are usually commissioned directly by the customer at fixed project rates and do not receive any brokerage fee (“commission”) from the requested providers. Furthermore, we additionally offer an individually tailored subscription model, in which we provide you with our best practices, our tendering service and e.g. diagnostics at an annual fixed price. In this way, we guarantee our independence and the best service for your respective needs. If you have any questions about these models, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.

For many of our customers, an anonymous tender via CyberCompare is a great advantage, since current vulnerabilities and deployed solutions are not widely distributed in the market. In addition, fewer confidentiality agreements (NDA) are required.

Why to work with CyberCompare?

  • We bring qualified leads to the providers of Cybersecurity services for both, hardware and software.
  • We offer the providers an efficient digital sales channel to connect with SMEs. Working with us, they can focus on the development of cybersecurity solutions.
  • We ensure that the provider receive only qualified inquiries that have a realistic chance for successful procurement.
  • We also prespecify the requirements so that an offer can be prepared rapidly.
  • We offer assistance to young companies with innovative solutions or specialised consultants in variety of areas including: Product review, market compatibility, prioritising feature development and business development.
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