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Transparent: From your preferred cybersecurity candidates to hidden champions – we know their capabilities and prices

Anonymous: Tenders are conducted under the Bosch brand to protect your sensitive information and obtain attractive terms

Individualized and efficient: Our solutions fit your unique requirements profile – and conserve your resources.

Independent and trustworthy: We work 100% for our clients and only consider proven providers

Years of expertise: We have vast experience from securing >240 Bosch sites and >500 locations

CyberCompare, A Bosch Business: the cybersecurity knowledge and provider matching platform

Our business model: CyberCompare, A Bosch Business is a cybersecurity knowledge and provider matching platform. Based on our clients’ individual cyber risk profiles, we conduct completely anonymous tender processes and deliver profiles of suitable, proven providers for all their cybersecurity needs. We also support our clients from the provider selection process to fulfilment of the contract and a concluding assessment of the provider’s performance. 

Why? The IT department at nearly every company is overburdened today. After all, the vast majority of significant business projects (“digitization,” “transformation”) have interfaces to IT. CyberCompare helps IT decision makers to find the solutions and expertise they need in IT, OT, and IoT security that makes the most of their resources. We can draw on our knowledge of comparable specifications and standardize the process for documenting requirements. We always work on behalf of our clients, maintaining 100% independence from all providers.

We serve clients using different compensation models – based on their preference. In most cases, our service costs our clients nothing. At the same time, effective provider matching is only possible with our team’s know-how and work. To ensure that their contributions are adequately financed, providers pay us a standard market rate when we successfully match them to a client. In other cases, our clients agree to pay us a fee to run the tender for them.

For CyberCompare, objectivity, independence, and transparency matter most – so we follow six cornerstone principles at every step of our work. Keep reading to find out more about all six principles and how CyberCompare puts them into practice.

Client advantages: With our individual market studies on diverse cyber security services, CyberCompare gives clients a transparent, neutral overview of available providers and relevant assessment criteria. This information gives CyberCompare clients the orientation they need in a highly fragmented provider market (with more than 7,000 providers worldwide). We have no exclusive agreements with providers and can include our clients’ preferred candidates in any tender process. Based on our clients’ requirements, we also conduct completely anonymous tender processes and deliver profiles of suitable, proven providers for all their cybersecurity needs. Throughout the process, CyberCompare is completely transparent and objective about the steps we are taking and the assessment standards we apply. We also constantly add potential providers of requested services to ensure tender requirements are met. Thanks to our easy provider matching and optional contract support, clients save time and make the best use of their budgets.

Transparent market coverage: It’s in our interest as a company to reflect the provider market as fully as possible. Having access to a broad range of offerings is what gives our clients confidence in CyberCompare as a provider matching platform. We support our clients to select and assess providers by ensuring they always have a transparent overview of:

– All providers under consideration

– The different services and prices from the providers we prioritize

As a result, clients can completely understand the basis for our assessments and the pool from which prioritized providers are selected at all times.

Independence and objectivity: CyberCompare, A Bosch Business is owned 100% by the Robert Bosch Group. No providers of the products and services we consider for meeting our clients’ needs are involved in our company in any way. This autonomy ensures that we are absolutely neutral and objective – and our provider matching is independent and transparent. We also strive for a consistent compensation model across all providers.

Our qualitative and quantitative assessments

Ranking: We present providers’ different services and products based on a combination of our experts’ evaluations and sets of rules (although strict mathematical rules are not generally possible, of course). Offers are always assessed in qualitative terms along a variety of dimensions – including price, service characteristics, availability, and references. Assessment criteria and – if relevant – general information about specific methods used are always shown plainly and clearly. This way our clients can completely understand the basis for our prioritization and assessments. If the services of the providers we compare aren’t identical, we highlight the differences. We also lay out and explain all relevant aspects of the services covered. All offers from a single market are evaluated using the same criteria.

Trustworthiness: We only recommend proven providers – but we have no exclusive ties, so we can include our clients’ preferred candidates in our matching analyses. Our findings are based on assessments by our in-house experts and post-project feedback from clients. Our clients also have access to anonymous references on our providers from previous projects facilitated through our matching process.

Fair competition: Provider matching creates a more even playing field – for clients and providers alike. That’s because on matching platforms like CyberCompare,  providers stand out for the quality of their services and products, not just for their famous brand or low daily rates. Most of our clients have found the right offers from providers they didn’t know about before. In many other cases, having qualified alternatives gives them a stronger position to negotiate with existing providers.

Our transparent business model

We are fully transparent about our matching platform’s business and financing model. This includes being clear about every owner and shareholder and any relevant connections to providers of the products and services we consider.  We also let our customers know where our financing comes from. Both direct earnings from diagnostics we perform and commissions from providers we successfully match with clients – the CyberCompare start page clearly shows how we earn our money. In addition, CyberCompare clarifies our role as a matching platform on every page we publish.

Our matching service generates no added costs for customers because CyberCompare is significantly more efficient for providers than their previous sales channels. CyberCompare’s agreements with providers ensure that these savings are passed on to customers. For this reason, submitting a request for a bid (with identical specifications) directly to a provider is no cheaper than using CyberCompare. Put us to the test! 

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