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Selecting the right EDR

What Is An EDR?

An EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is a cybersecurity technology specifically designed to monitor and respond to security incidents on endpoints such as computers, laptops and servers. EDR solutions provide a continuous and comprehensive real-time overview of the activities on your endpoints. This allows potential security threats to be detected and contained at an early stage.

To prevent an incident from becoming a compromise, information collected from endpoints is analyzed using behavioral analytics and actionable threat intelligence. This enables a proactive response to suspicious behavior before a security incident occurs and helps to strengthen a company’s security posture.

Maximum defense with the right knowledge

What Should You Know When Choosing an EDR-Tool?


Get a real-time view of your endpoints to monitor attacker activity – even during an intrusion attempt – and stop it immediately.

Insights and Threat Data

Integrate threat data into your EDR solution to obtain contextual information such as details of the associated threat actor and further information about the attack.

Threat Database

For effective EDR protection, large amounts of telemetry data are collected from end devices and supplemented with contextual information. It is then examined for indications of attacks using numerous analysis techniques.

Behavioral Protection

Do not rely solely on signature-based detection methods or indicators of compromise (IOCs) as this can lead to “silent failure”. Use behavior-based searches for indicators of attack (IOAs) to warn of suspicious activity before a compromise occurs.

Fast Response

With an EDR solution that enables fast and accurate incident response, attacks can be stopped before a compromise occurs. This can help your business get back up and running quickly.

Cloud-Based solution

Only with a cloud-based EDR solution can functions such as search, analysis and investigation be carried out precisely and in real time without affecting end devices.


EDR vs. XDR - How to Find the Right Solution for Protecting Your End Devices

EPP, EDR and XDR are at the top of providers’ buzzword lists these days – but what do the terms mean and which solution is right for your situation? Which things are really important to know and what options are there?

In our white paper, we provide answers to these questions and want to bring you closer to the right solution for protecting your end devices.

Whitepaper Cover

This Is How an Exemplary EDR Project With Us Works

Specification and Development of the Future Concept

Specification of the required scope for the tender and derivation of the specifications.

Result: Defined procedure/objective for the tendering of the target scenario

Tender Preparation & Specifications

Workshops to record the requirements (scoping) and iterative adaptation of the specifications after consultation and clarification of open questions


  • Specification of an anonymized specification sheet for the tender / bid comparison
  • Selection of a longlist of 5 providers for the invitation to tender
Offer Comparison & Decision Preparation

Request for offers from defined providers – can be anonymized

Coordination, consolidation and preparation of the offers as well as evaluation with a recommendation regarding top providers and concepts in comparison with the specification and the target concept

Creation of a report with a clear award recommendation & visibility of the differentiating features

Result: Basis for a qualitative decision for 1-2 providers for final negotiation and awarding of contract


Support With Commercial and Legal Contract Negotiations

Result: Signed contract with 1 provider


Support With Onboarding the Solution

Result: Productive SOC service as part of the coordinated onboarding plan


360° Inventory and Market Study

Part 1: Inventory & diagnostics of IT & OT security

Part 2: Overview of the market and derivation of a strategy


  • Decision on a suitable solution and approach to EDR provider selection
  • Support with onboarding the solution: Result: productive EDR service as part of the agreed onboarding plan
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