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First-class penetration tests serve as a security check for any cybersecurity concept. A complete specification and an efficient comparison of offers are very time-consuming.

We help you save internal effort and costs and support you in negotiations. We are happy to accompany you in the selection of the appropriate Pen Test provider and support you until your purchasing department has conducted the final negotiations and your penetration test is operationally launched.

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CyberCompare, A Bosch Business is the independent purchasing platform for Cybersecurity and your partner for the procurement of IT, OT and IoT security.
We will help you find the right provider in 4 steps and will be happy to advise you:

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Independent audits and penetration tests can test the effectiveness of previously implemented security measures in a practical manner

Good penetration tests are a reality check for every cybersecurity concept. These are based on a clear description of requirements and are carried out by experts with practical experience. Ideally, they not only make use of the familiar tools but already have their own set of automated scripts to efficiently simulate attack paths and, for example, bypass or blind security measures such as EDR.

Success through teamwork:

Tricky problems are best solved together. It is often worthwhile to conduct a “Red/Blue/Purple” team exercise together with your own security personnel, in which the perspectives of the attackers and the defensive side are taken. Such exercises cost time but have a lasting learning effect for your team. Normally, pen tests should be designed as whitebox or greybox. In addition to the “standard” scenarios for enterprise IT environments, penetration tests can also be performed for web applications, OT networks, or IoT components. You want to perform a Pen Test, but the complete specification and efficient comparison of offers are too time-consuming for you? The experts at CyberCompare will be happy to help you keep the effort as low as possible for your company.

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