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At its core, a Security Operations Center (SOC) involves the permanent monitoring of a defined IT environment for security-relevant events (“events”). This usually involves analyzing log files and/or data traffic for suspicious information. The aim is to identify threat scenarios (“Detect”) and the downstream, individually appropriate counter-reaction (“Response”).

A selection process for a SOC can be complex. Costs and service levels vary significantly among providers. Draw on our experience and let us advise you.

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Security Operations Centers are a key factor

Choosing the right Security Operations Center (SOC) can be a critical building block in your security strategy. The Security Operations Center is the central security control center for your company. Here, experts in IT security, OT security and IoT security continuously analyse data to detect and prevent cyberattacks; they have a comprehensive overview of everything that needs to be protected, identify threats early on, and respond quickly and effectively with preventive countermeasures. Often, a SIEM system system is deployed in the SOC to detect and respond to threats in real time. Should an incident occur, the SOC eliminates the threat and then restores your system to its previous state. To prevent similar incidents, the SOC analyses the information from the incident, remediates vulnerabilities, and updates the contingency plan. In this way, it ensures continuously optimised cybersecurity.

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At Bosch CyberCompare, we help you find the right Security Operations Center for your company in a resource-efficient way, so you can ensure the security and availability of your systems and data. With us, the large field of cybersecurity becomes manageable for you. You can get an initial overview of possible SOCs in our provider directory.

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How Security Operations Center detect threats and enable a rapid counter-response

A Security Operations Center (SOC) has the task of permanently monitoring a defined IT environment for security-relevant events. This usually involves analysing log files and/or data traffic for suspicious information. The aim is to detect threat scenarios and initiate appropriate countermeasures (“response”).
In this whitepaper, we address the key issues in the specification of requirements, as well as success criteria in the selection process.
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