Managed SOC und NOC, Nomios, Hannes Wierer

Hannes Wierer, Managing Director Nomios Germany about Managed NOC and SOC

CyberCompare talked to Hannes Wierer from Nomios about Managed NOC and SOC.

Dear Mr. Wierer, how would you describe Nomios in 3 quick-witted words? 

Safe, reliable, holistic 

Now please introduce yourself briefly and tell us something about your background.

My name is Hannes Wierer and I have been Managing Director of Nomios Germany, a leading provider of solutions and services for cybersecurity and secure networks, since March 2023. Prior to that, I held management positions at Vodafone and Mannesman/Arcor, among others. 

What sets Nomios apart?

At Nomios, we reduce complexity and take directives in highly complex security and network environments. To do this, we like to get to know our customers’ business challenges in detail and work according to the principle: listen, build and operate. 

We develop customized solutions from the portfolios of almost all of the world’s leading manufacturers and the knowledge of the entire Nomios Group. That’s more than 400 certified technicians, 20 branches throughout Europe and over 20 years of experience. This also enables Nomios Germany to successfully roll out IT projects internationally from Germany. 

How does Nomios help companies? 

In the areas of network and security, we create added value exactly where and when it is needed most: from consulting and hardware components to managed services including Managed NOC and Managed SOC. Our end-to-end portfolio offers our customers all the building blocks of a SASE architecture from a single source. 

The focus is always on concrete results. A good example is the Nomios Cyber Maturity Curve. After just one short session, it creates a roadmap for organizations to understand where they stand in terms of cyber security maturity and what steps they can take to improve their defenses. 

What do you perhaps see slightly differently to prevailing opinions in the field of cyber security? 

We think that network and security are two sides of the same coin. Because we know that CEOs can only spend every euro once. They are often faced with decisions such as investing in AI with the prospect of competitive advantages or – at first glance less attractive – investments in cyber security and networks. Especially in times when data is the new gold, it must be fundamentally protected. The “either-or” must therefore become an “and”. In other words, all investments in digital innovations will fall flat if companies are not prepared to invest in protecting their IT infrastructure at the same time.