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Cloud computing is undoubtedly one of the most significant trends of the last ten years. It is predicted that end-user spending on cloud computing will reach $600 billion by 2025, with most enterprise data centers expected to move to the cloud by 2025.

Most boards and IT decision-makers focus their concerns on the costs and processes related to moving to the cloud. Much less attention is given to the cyber risks that such a move entails, with an unrealistic assumption that the cloud (providers) will solve all cybersecurity challenges. Recent evidence suggests that 45% of all data breaches are cloud based.

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By 2025, 99% of cloud security failures are the fault of the customer, not the service provider

The underlying principle of cloud computing – outsourcing computing infrastructure and maintenance while having direct access to resources whenever needed – often comes with many misconceptions. We often see organizations that move to a cloud infrastructure operating under the belief that they have also outsourced their security. However, it is essential to keep in mind that cloud providers do not take full responsibility for protecting your systems.

With many organizations left unaware of their security-related responsibilities, it is not surprising that cloud misconfigurations pose the most significant risk of a successful cybersecurity attack. However, by appropriately managing vulnerabilities in cloud configurations, the success of attacks across all industries and regions can be prevented.

CSPM solution represents as the most efficient way for an organization starting from scratch to begin building its cloud security functions

Cloud security posture management is a tool that primarily concentrates on continuous assessment and compliance monitoring to manage cloud security risks. CSPM tools can be foundational to managing security in the cloud through increased visibility, policy management, and prioritized alerts. The main benefits of CSPM lie in possible multicloud visibility, custom security policy capabilities, real-time compliance report generation, and a basic alert generation functionality.

A CSPM system offers the most expansive set of foundational capabilities. We recommend that organizations start to develop their cloud security function by implementing a CSPM solution in the short term as a foundational capability enhancement in the cloud environment. In further expansion stages, cloud workload protection and cloud access security brokers up to fully comprehensive Zero Trust Network Access / SASE solutions are also useful.

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Cloud cybersecurity – how do meaningful first steps look like?

Cloud security is one of the most important topics to consider and act upon when shifting to the cloud. All the advantages of cloud computing such as scalability, lower ownership costs, and high-speed flexibility break down when a successful cloud cyberattack occurs. This whitepaper will discuss much-needed cloud security capabilities and how different cloud security solution vendors can help you secure your cloud.
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