360° Security Diagnostics

We determine the vulnerability of your company. Our internal diagnostics follow standards such as ISO 27001, IEC 62443, and the NIST Framework.
We assess the state of your current security landscape for IT, OT or IoT

Step By Step

1. Overview

We discuss important measures in both IT and OT with you in a 2-3 hour conversation to obtain a qualitative 360-degree overview of the current maturity level of your cyber security measures.

2. Determining

During the process, we will determine your company’s risk posture.

3. Recommendation

We then show you the most important areas for action.

4. Roadmap

We develop a roadmap for you that includes prioritised and realistic timetables.

A cyber attack on your company is only a question of time

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Numbers have a lot to tell

Good to Know


diagnostics performed

25 %

benchmark – We compare your score specifically with the benchmark of matching organizations

66 %

of recommendations indicate lack of awareness among staff