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How Do Clinics Solve The Following Problems?

High Complexity & Lack Of Segmentation

Clinical networks have a high level of complexity with spatially and systematically distributed and intermingled assets. In addition, these networks are often not segmented, which means that there is no logical separation or subdivision. This lack of segmentation poses security risks and makes it more difficult to detect and respond to an attack.

CIA Triad & Variety Of Regulations

Attack defense, detection and response in clinical operations is particularly challenging due to the criticality in all areas of the CIA triad. At the same time, a large number of regulations apply (in some cases BSIG, B3S hospital, in future NIS2) if the threshold for critical infrastructure is exceeded.

Different Providers

In medical technology in particular, assets from different providers are often used, each with a large number of internal and external communication connections. The diversity of providers makes it difficult to carry out updates and integrate new installations.

Limited Budget & Lack Of Staff

The situation is made more difficult by limited budgets, which are often managed by the public sector, as well as a lack of internal staff with the relevant expertise.

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How We Help You Stay Resilient

Creation Of A Security Target Concept

Together, we create a security target concept: with a structured analysis of security requirements and the creation of an end-to-end security stack.

Definition Of Services & Tools

Definition of the best possible combination of internal and external services and tools (e.g. IoMT platform, managed SOC, SIEM solution, endpoint security, network segmentation, etc.).

Tendering & Awarding

Request for quotations from defined providers – can be anonymized

Coordination, consolidation and preparation of the offers as well as evaluation with a recommendation regarding top providers and concepts in comparison with the specification and the target concept

Creation of a report with a clear award recommendation & visibility of the differentiating features

Result: Basis for a high-quality decision and final negotiation and award of contract

Use Cases - Critical Infrastructures

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