[Recording] [English] Virtual Panel Discussion: Sharing Best Practices and lessons learned from 50+ years of cybersecurity

What are the biggest cybersecurity challenges at the moment? Which basic protective measures are a cross-industry must-have in cybersecurity? What further protective measures are there and which are relevant for my company?

CyberCompare Panel Discussion

Thank you all for a great session

We are very happy about the positive feedback from the more than 100 participants of our virtual panel discussion on Thursday, November 18th, 2021. A big „Thank you“ to our panelists for the interesting discussion and valuable insights!

Your host
Jannis Stemmann

Bosch CyberCompare

Your Experts
Ralf Garrecht

Group CISO at Fresenius

Ralf is Group CISO at Fresenius – a leading global healthcare provider. Ralf’s risk experience ranges from large capital projects to building risk-oriented organizations across multiple industries. His passion is to transform complex organizations in such a way that they become cyber-resilient in all areas (IT, OT, product).

Bartek Blaicke

Group Information Security Officer at Refresco

Bartek is Group Information Security Officer at Refresco – the world’s largest independent beverage bottler. He is a former consultant with international experience, passionate about transforming IT and cybersecurity programs and implementing innovation to position cybersecurity as a business enabler.

Jon Grunnan

CIO of Hurtigruten

Jon is the CIO of the expedition cruise company Hurtigruten. He joined Hurtigruten after many years working for the largest retail and telecommunications companies in Norway. His mission is now, as the recovery leader after last December’s cyber attack, to make Hurtigruten the top performer in IT, OT and AV.

Together with our panelists, we discussed the following topics
  • Current challenges from the point of view of a security manager, as well as suitable measures
  • Employee awareness programs, independent audits & pen tests, and strengthening 3rd party risk management (e.g., via purchasing guidelines with security requirements for suppliers) are at the top of the list of “basic measures”.
  • “Advanced measures” are currently often about SIEM or managed SOC approaches, as well as other monitoring solutions such as endpoint or network protection & response.
  • Finally, we made an excursion into OT and agreed that the relevance of security in this area will increase significantly. However, approaches established in IT such as “Zero Trust” or “Network Access Control” (NAC) still face major hurdles.