Emergency Management

Emergency management – help for self-help

Why is emergency management so important?

You are no doubt familiar with the saying in IT security: “It’s not a question of if you will be hacked, but when”. Certainly an exaggeration, but true: even a sophisticated security strategy and the necessary continuous improvement of security measures cannot rule out the possibility of a cyber attack. Nevertheless, many companies today do not have an up-to-date and, above all, practicable emergency plan for these cyber attacks and IT crises. Sometimes there are subsections such as important contact persons or individual restart plans for important IT systems. Or you have a pro forma document, e.g. for cyber insurance, which is called an emergency plan but is neither up-to-date nor really helpful in an emergency. We rarely see a comprehensive plan that focuses on practical application.

What do you get?

The download provides you with a template for the emergency plan, which is already 90% complete. The necessary final adjustments – e.g. inserting the correct contact persons, contact information etc. – can be made by yourself in a maximum of 1 hour using simple markers.
The emergency plan is based on the key requirements and recommendations of the BSI and has been repeatedly adapted over the course of many customer projects in order to maintain a high level of practical orientation.
We also offer an accompanying focussed workshop.

What will be discussed in the workshop?

We will guide you through the document, explain relevant passages and advise you on the specific adaptation to your company and a practicable introduction into your organization. This means you can easily make relevant adjustments afterwards and have a valid emergency plan in a short space of time, which will help you if something does happen the day after tomorrow … We are happy to record individual crisis scenarios that you would like to cover and subsequently draw up recommendations for the correct handling of an emergency and supplement your emergency plan accordingly. We can also advise you on the introduction of emergency management in your organization and, for example, subsequent crisis exercises based on the new emergency plan.

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