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The role of people in defending against cyber risks is a crucial factor. Training platforms increase awareness and thus the safe behavior of employees in the digital space. Therefore, regular sensitization of employees through training, evaluation of effectiveness through phishing tests and provision of practical tools (e.g. password managers) are necessary for sufficient protection.

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The human factor is often a major risk factor in defending against attacks. Trained employees support the defense with safe behavior and thus contribute to the overall goal.


The human factor is often challenged by constantly improving attack methods and is still frequently the element that ultimately enables access or otherwise responds to attackers (e.g., CEO fraud, changing account data, etc.). Targeted training can reduce this risk factor, employees understand the methods and what is behind them and react accordingly.

Most attackers enter the company primarily through phishing (e-mails with malicious links or attachments), but also through targeted manipulation and blackmail. It therefore makes sense to start right here with targeted awareness measures such as special training courses. In recent years, a lot has happened in the area of training: the courses are easy to follow, fun, and the platforms are not particularly expensive, even in comparison with other security products.
It can also be exciting to use simulated phishing e-mails to see how awareness changes over time and to intervene more intensively.

Furthermore, it is advisable to play out different content in different functions; for example, purchasing is in far more exchange with external parties, receives attachments or links more frequently, and should therefore be specially trained. The same applies to sales. In IT, administrators have a high-risk profile, while in accounting it is a matter of deception when transferring or changing account data. So, each area has its own challenges and many awareness training platforms address these specific issues.

However, the human factor is never “solely to blame” just because it opens the door. Furthermore, some of the attacks are so good that it is difficult to reduce the click rate to 0%. Security is a team sport, the attacker may gain access to a workstation via phishing, continues to work his way through and then often gains higher rights in the system through further searches and begins to spread – this must be worked on by IT and IT security to become more secure as an overall system. Find your suitable provider now with our market studies and receive a “Security Architect as a Service”.

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Security Awareness 2.0 – the whitepaper to the market study 2023

The role of individuals in defending against cyber risks is a crucial factor. Raising employee awareness remains one of the most critical responsibilities for IT managers and security officials. Specialised providers have made it their objective to deliver effective learning platforms and design trainings that take into account people’s decreasing attention spans. Security training is usually combined with phishing simulations, which can be used for direct testing. In our whitepaper, we present the key findings of the current CyberCompare market study (June 2023).

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