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505 Fifth Avenue South Suite 500 Seattle, WA 98104 United States

About Watchguard

Intelligent security made easy. For 25 years, WatchGuard has stood for cutting-edge cybersecurity technology and solutions that are easy to deploy and manage. More than 250,000 small and medium-sized businesses worldwide use WatchGuard's industry-leading products and solutions for network and endpoint security, secure WLAN, multifactor authentication, and network intelligence to protect their most critical assets, including more than 10 million endpoints. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, with new types of threats emerging every day. WatchGuard ensures that every company can benefit from enterprise-level cybersecurity technology. In addition to its headquarters in Seattle, Washington State, WatchGuard has offices throughout North America, Latin America, and Europe, as well as in Asia Pacific.

What Differentiates Them From Competitors?

Security that prepares you for tomorrow Network threats can come from any direction at any time and cripple your systems before you even know they exist. Because of their unique architecture and sound malware defenses, WatchGuard network security solutions are considered the smartest, fastest and most powerful on the market. They give IT professionals complete control over their enterprise-grade networks, regardless of budget, scale, or complexity, thanks to universally deployable security and threat detection visualization tools.

Top Capabilities

Endpoint Protection
Technical solutions to protect the endpoints against cyber attacks (e.g. AV, EDR or EPP).
Incident Response Services
Expert services like incident response retainers and forensics.
IT Asset Management
Inventarization and management of IT assets.
Logging / Monitoring Services
Monitoring of network traffic and activities like SIEM or XDR.
Network Security Solutions
Technical implementation services and solutions like e.g. NAC.
Security Operations Center
Central point for monitoring and ad-hoc response to all security events.

Top Industries

Chemistry & Raw Materials
Discretionary consumer goods
Food & Beverages
Telecommunications & Information Technology
Transport & Logistics

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Sascha Riedinger
Sascha Riedinger
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