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In the fight against cyber espionage and sabotage, TEHTRIS offers THE hyper-automated cyber defence solution with its XDR platform that detects and neutralizes cyber attacks in real time without human intervention. TEHTRIS helps organizations of all sizes and in all industries face the unpredictable with a holistic view of their infrastructure.

What Differentiates Them From Competitors?

TEHTRIS' uniqueness lies not only in the XDR platform, which is 100% developed and hosted in Europe, but also in the company's values. With the concept of security & ethics by design, TEHTRIS is leading the way as a trusted third party in Europe. TEHTRIS' extensive research in the field of cybersecurity and espionage gives it a decisive edge in cyberattacks.

Top Capabilities

Endpoint Protection
Technical solutions to protect the endpoints against cyber attacks (e.g. AV, EDR or EPP).
Logging / Monitoring Services
Monitoring of network traffic and activities like SIEM or XDR.
NDR – Network Detection / Response
Network Detection and response (NDR) is a security tool that monitors an enterprise's network traffic to gain visibility into potential cyberthreats relying on advanced capabilities like behaviorial analytics.
Network Security Solutions
Technical implementation services and solutions like e.g. NAC.
Security Operations Center
Central point for monitoring and ad-hoc response to all security events.

Top Industries

Public Authorities
Utilities & Energy

All Capabilities

Endpoint Security
Mobile Security
Network Security
Vulnerability Scanner
Anomaly Detection
Detect & Respond
EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)
MDR (Managed Detection and Response)
NDR (Network Detection and Response)
SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
Vulnerability Management
XDR (Extended Detection and Response)

Provider Contact

Olaf Müller-Haberland
Head of Sales & Services DACH