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Systola GmbH

Am Güterbahnhof 8a 21035 Hamburg, Germany

About Systola GmbH

Systola's SystoLOCK is a real passwordless multi-factor authentication platform for Microsoft Windows on-premises that can reduce the attack surface by up to 80% by completely eliminating passwords from user accounts in Active Directory. The patent-pending solution is compatible with any node within and beyond Windows networks, can authenticate users in offline mode and is native to the Windows look and feel.

What Differentiates Them From Competitors?

Unlike most MFA vendors, SystoLOCK does not rely on passwords as one of the authentication factors, but rather introduces new AD foreign factors and ultimately relies on digital certificates to ensure user identity without relying on any cloud services. These certificates are issued and handled in a special patented way to mitigate potential credential theft.

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Endpoint Protection
Technical solutions to protect the endpoints against cyber attacks (e.g. AV, EDR or EPP).
Identity and Access Managment
Systems and Tools for Managing Access, Indenties and Certificates like IdMs, PKI or authentication Services
Network Security Solutions
Technical implementation services and solutions like e.g. NAC.
Remote Work Security
Enterprise technologies used for remote work, such as remote access servers, telework client devices, remote access communications and videoconferencing systems.

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Roman Kuznetsov