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Rapid7 Germany GmbH

120 Causeway Street, Suite 400 Boston, MA 02114

About Rapid7 Germany GmbH

Rapid7, owner of the Metasploit Project, is a Boston-based security vendor with 10,000+ global customers. They employe 3000 employees and offer a practitioner-first cybersecurity platform. Their solutions cover Managed Detection & Response, XDR/SIEM, Cloud Security, Vulnerability Management, and Threat Intelligence, making them a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their security posture.

What Differentiates Them From Competitors?

Rapid7's emphasis on time-to-value and practitioner-first approach to security solutions sets them apart in the cybersecurity market. Their solutions are quickly implemented, providing immediate value and designed with the workflows of security practitioners in mind. This has led to a loyal customer base of security professionals who rely on Rapid7 to proactively manage their security posture.

Top Capabilities

Cloud Native Security / CNAPP
Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) is a cloud-native security model that encompasses Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Service Network Security (CSNS), and Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) in a single holistic platform.
Incident Response Services
Expert services like incident response retainers and forensics.
Logging / Monitoring Services
Monitoring of network traffic and activities like SIEM or XDR.
Offensive Security (e.g. Penetration Testing)
Ethical hacking to identify weaknesses in the IT landscape of a company, e.g. with penetration tests.
Security Operations Center
Central point for monitoring and ad-hoc response to all security events.

Top Industries

Automotive & Supplier Industry
Finances & Banking
Transport & Logistics
Utilities & Energy

All Capabilities

ISMS (Information Security Management System)
Risk Scoring
Application Security
Cloud Security
Data Loss Prevention
Data Protection
Endpoint Security
Network Security
Patch Management
Phishing Tests
Security Architecture
Security Testing
Vulnerability Scanner
Workplace Security
Anomaly Detection
Detect & Respond
MDR (Managed Detection and Response)
OT Monitoring
Penetration Testing
SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
Threat Detection
Vulnerability Management
XDR (Extended Detection and Response)
APT-Response (Advanced Persistent Threat)
Incident Response
SOC (Security Operations Center)
Software Implementation

Provider Contact

Andreas Belkner
Channel Account Manager DACH