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heylogin GmbH

Sophienstraße 40 38118 Braunschweig, Deutschland

About heylogin GmbH

heylogin is a modern IT security company from Braunschweig in Lower Saxony. Our focus is on modern encryption technology that provides security for all employees of a company with maximum usability. In addition to modern 2-factor technologies, as a German company we also rely on German servers for data traffic.

What Differentiates Them From Competitors?

Most password managers on the market were developed 20 years ago. Accordingly, the underlying security architecture and mechanics are outdated. heylogin replaces the old master password with a swipe-to-login on the smartphone followed by an unlock via PIN or biometrics. In addition, users can log in to any website with one click, just like with a SSO.

Top Capabilities

Identity and Access Managment
Systems and Tools for Managing Access, Indenties and Certificates like IdMs, PKI or authentication Services
Remote Work Security
Enterprise technologies used for remote work, such as remote access servers, telework client devices, remote access communications and videoconferencing systems.

Top Industries

Finances & Banking
Mechanical Engineering
Telecommunications & Information Technology
Trade & Distribution
Utilities & Energy

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Matteus Sobczynski
Head of Sales
Cyber Summit - Bridging IT & OT Security
18. April 2024 | 08:30 AM - 12:15 PM | Virtual Event