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G Data CyberDefense AG

Königsallee 178, D-44799 Bochum, Deutschland

About G Data CyberDefense AG

With comprehensive cyber defence services, the inventor of AntiVirus makes companies capable of defending themselves against cybercrime. G DATA protects with AI technologies, endpoint protection, offers penetration tests and incident response and awareness training to effectively defend companies.

What Differentiates Them From Competitors?

New technologies such as DeepRay use artificial intelligence to protect against malware. Service and support are part of the G DATA Campus in Bochum. G DATA solutions are available in 90 countries and have received numerous awards.

Top Capabilities

Awareness Training / Phishing Tests
Training and testing the employee's awareness against cyber attacks.
Cloud Native Security / CNAPP
Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) is a cloud-native security model that encompasses Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Service Network Security (CSNS), and Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) in a single holistic platform.
Endpoint Protection
Technical solutions to protect the endpoints against cyber attacks (e.g. AV, EDR or EPP).
Network Security Solutions
Technical implementation services and solutions like e.g. NAC.

Top Industries

Telecommunications & Information Technology

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Security Consulting
Application Security
Cloud Security
Code Scanner
Endpoint Security
Mobile Security
Network Security
Phishing Tests
Secure Code
Security Architecture
Security Testing
Training & Security Awareness
Workplace Security
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Software Implementation

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Andy Felbinger
Head of Sales Deutschland