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Jena, Germany

About ESET

As a European and owner-managed manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, ESET offers a broad portfolio of security solutions for companies of all sizes. We protect all endpoints and servers across operating systems with award-winning multi-layered technology and keep your network free from zero-day threats using cloud sandboxing. Using multi-factor authentication and certified encryption products, we support you in implementing data protection regulations. Our XDR basis with endpoint detection and response solution, early warning systems (e.g. threat intelligence) and dedicated services complete the offering in terms of forensics and targeted protection against cybercrime and APTs.

What Differentiates Them From Competitors?

We don't make headlines - we prevent them. We don't just rely on cutting-edge technologies, but combine insights from our cloud-based reputation database ESET LiveGrid® with machine learning and human expertise to provide organizations with the best protection. Our solutions are available both from the cloud and on-premises and cover all common operating systems. ESET's security products are now trusted by more than 400,000 companies worldwide.

Top Capabilities

Endpoint Protection
Technical solutions to protect the endpoints against cyber attacks (e.g. AV, EDR or EPP).
Incident Response Services
Expert services like incident response retainers and forensics.
Logging / Monitoring Services
Monitoring of network traffic and activities like SIEM or XDR.
Remote Work Security
Enterprise technologies used for remote work, such as remote access servers, telework client devices, remote access communications and videoconferencing systems.
Security Operations Center
Central point for monitoring and ad-hoc response to all security events.

Top Industries

Automotive & Supplier Industry
Defence & Aerospace
Finances & Banking
Public Authorities

All Capabilities

Cloud Security
Data Protection
eMail Encryption
eMail Security
Endpoint Security
Identity & Access Management
MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)
Mobile Security
Patch Management
SSO (Single Sign-on)
Vulnerability Scanner
Workplace Security
Anomaly Detection
Detect & Respond
EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)
MDR (Managed Detection and Response)
Threat Detection
Vulnerability Management
XDR (Extended Detection and Response)
APT-Response (Advanced Persistent Threat)
Incident Response
SOC (Security Operations Center)

Provider Contact

Daniel De Graaf-Dorn
Manager of Enterprise Sales
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04. June 2024 | 09:00 - 11:15 AM

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