October 14th: DDOS attacks still increasing +++ Microsoft October Update

DDOS attacks still increasing

This Wednesday Cloudflare released their DDOS threat report of the 3rd quarter in 2022 and showed that the number of attacks is still on the rise. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) is an attack method where the target is flooded with data or requests and thereby access to the target is blocked. Unlike a normal DOS attack, the attack happens from many different systems, in most cases Bot networks. The amount of HTTP DDOS attacks increased by 111% compared to last year and the amount of Ransom DDOS attacks by 67%.

The most targeted industry was the internet industry with an increase of 303% compared to last year. 2nd place was the telecommunication industry with an astounding 2,317% increase of attacks.

The fastest growing attack threats were the BitTorrent network (1,221%), which was abused by spoofing IP addresses to create attacks, and the Mira bot-network (405%), which led the biggest attack of the quarter with a peak of 2.5Tbps.

If you want to dig deeper into the findings, the entire report can be read here: Cloudflare DDoS threat report 2022 Q3.

Microsoft October Update

On Thursday, Microsoft released their October Update. This time, there are 52 different products or features affected by the update. They address 85 vulnerabilities of which 15 are rated β€œcritical”. Under those was also one vulnerability with a CVSS score of 10/10. CVE-2022-37968 was a vulnerability which enabled an unauthorized attacker to execute code remotely and even gain administrative control over Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes cluster.

The vulnerabilities CVE-2022-41082 and CVE-2022-41040 – also known as ProxyNotShell, which affects Microsoft exchange server – were not yet fixed in this patch and are still open.

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