IT contingency plan and recovery concept

Preparing for an emergency, thinking ahead about decision-making and communication paths, order of restart, and especially regular exercise of plans should be standard in any organization today.

  • Creation of emergency plans based on templates
  • Internal/external crisis communication, reporting deadlines
  • Filing of emergency plans, updates and exercises
  • Crisis response exercise with an incident response provider

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1. Clarification procedure

  • Creation of emergency plans in different options (with external provider, based on templates by Bosch CyberCompare, based on publicly available templates – e.g. BSI standard 100-4)
  • Depending on the chosen option, further preparation, creation of specification (if necessary) and consulting
  • Recommendation: after finalizing the emergency plans, a crisis response exercise with an experienced incident response provider is very helpful to challenge the plans and make appropriate preparations internally

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2. Market Intelligence

  • Checking incident response providers for a crisis response exercise, combining the request with an incident response retainer if necessary
  • Suggestion of suitable providers and coordination with the customer – as an independent platform, providers can be added/released at any time
  • RfO/RfP, anonymization of the tender possible

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3. Independent comparison of offers

  • Transparent preparation of offers (degree of fulfillment of the specification, SLA models, on-prem support, costs, options)
  • Decision template incl. recommendation and orderable offers for fast processes up to the final order

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4. Final decision

  • Favourite providers present themselves in person to the customer
  • Documental support with important questions and details to be clarified
  • We accompany you until your purchasing department has carried out the final negotiation and the emergency planning solution starts operationally

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Dear CIOs/CISOs: Create detailed BCM plans. Create incident management plans. Ensure clean backups and restore processes. Practice and test these processes!

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The preparation of emergency plans and crisis scenarios ensures the continuation of your business in case of emergency

Emergency planning and emergency management are an important part of a security strategy to be prepared for an emergency. An IT contingency plan typically includes defined processes and documentation for all systems, including fixed and tested recovery points and duration, and is embedded in the company’s overall contingency plans. Topics such as call numbers of relevant persons, composition and competencies of the crisis team, and communication with, for example, data protection authorities, customers and the public should be taken into account. The emergency plan is extended by a restart concept, based on the critical systems and in order to minimize the damage to the company as much as possible. We recommend to carry out an exercise with the plans at least once a year

In the following projects, we have so far sought external providers to accompany companies along the way, with the following main objectives in mind:

  • Coordination, organization & communication (crisis team)
  • Verification + improvement of emergency plan if necessary
  • Business continuity: emergency operation during (partial) IT failure
  • IT system recovery of normal operation (within Recovery Time Objective or similar)
  • Monitoring / Threat Intelligence
  • Forensic analyses
  • One enhancement we recommend is to have an experienced incident response (IR) provider review the emergency plan to determine if the preparation is adequate for cyber emergencies (specifically, if the IR provider has access to all necessary information that is urgently needed in an emergency). Further, a plan exercise should be run through with this provider. An emergency concept should be in place as a matter of principle. Only then can a targeted exercise be carried out effectively and a gain in knowledge derived for possible need for action. If you do not yet have an emergency concept, please feel free to contact us. We provide support here with tailored approaches (“help for self-help”) and the corresponding templates.

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