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04. June 2024 | 11. June 2024 | 20. June 2024 | 09:00 - 11:15 AM | virtual

Benefit From the Know-How of Our Speakers

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Götz Schartner
CEO of 8com
In 2004, Götz Schartner founded 8com GmbH & Co. KG with the aim of protecting companies and authorities from cyber attacks. Under his leadership, 8com grew from a two-man operation to a managed security service provider with 90 experts, whose core business today is the Security Operations Center.
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Benjamin Hindelang
Cyber Security Account Executive
Mr. Hindelang has been helping companies achieve their cyber security goals since 2011. Customers benefit from his many years of sales experience as well as his technical training and in-depth technical understanding. His credo is: "No cyber project without business value."
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Nico Müller
CEO of Digifors
Nico Müller is a leading expert in the field of IT forensics and has established himself as an authority in the cyber security world. As the founder of DigiFors GmbH, he supports companies in identifying, analyzing and eliminating security vulnerabilities. With the founding of FOCUS.AI, Müller aims to revolutionize the process of initial assessment and prioritization in digital investigations through the use of cutting-edge technology. His deep understanding of cybersecurity and his vision to make the digital landscape more secure make him a key figure in the cybersecurity community.
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Sumin Tchen
Sumin has more than 30 years of experience building successful technology companies such as Belarc (cybersecurity and ITAM), Computer Controls (building control systems), Eliza (speech recognition), ProcessTech (dynamic modeling software) and Adaptive Networks (networking over AC power lines). Sumin holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an M.S. in Management from M.I.T.
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Manuel Beelen
Head of Security Operations
Manuel Beelen is Head of Security Operations at G DATA CyberDefense AG. In his role, he is responsible for managing an operations and development department that specializes in the analysis and detection of current malware campaigns and focuses on the development of analysis platforms and supporting technologies. He is also responsible for our external communications in the area of security vulnerabilities, manages technical training and speaks as an expert at national and international conferences on current IT security-related topics. Manuel Beelen has been with G DATA since 2012 and has experience in many of G DATA's core competencies, from antivirus engine development, protection technologies and telemetry analysis to current threats and web platforms.
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Felix Blanke
Senior Manager Sales Engineering
Felix Blanke is technically responsible for all matters relating to the Exabeam Security Management Platform and is technically responsible for Central and Southern Europe. Felix studied computer science and physics. For the past 12 years, Felix has focused on the area of cyber security and has successfully realized a large number of customer projects in this area. The goal of these projects is always the same: to protect companies from sophisticated cyber attacks. In doing so, Felix has gained a broad knowledge of the daily cyber security challenges faced by these companies.
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Frederik Kaiser
Head of 8com Academy
Frederik Kaiser has been working in the field of IT for 15 years and currently runs the 8com Academy, an e-learning platform for information security. He was born into computer science, and from the 5th grade onwards he gained his first experience setting up networks at LAN parties and with friends. Passionate about IT and enthusiastic about optimizing and automating processes, he has extensive experience as a product owner and information security consultant. Having trained as an IT systems administrator and studied business informatics, he is ideally equipped. He really enjoys training and brings this passion perfectly to the development of the eLearning platform.
Daniela Fusaro
Solution Architect
Daniela Fusaro is working as a solution architect at Kudelski Security. She most recently worked for various manufacturers (Tufin, Gigamon, VMware and Cequence Security) as a solution engineer, mainly in the area of network security.
Raimund König
Director Partner Technical Account Manager
Ulrich Brüll
Chief Technology Officer
Ulrich Brüll, CISM is Chief Technology Officer at Conscia Germany. He is responsible for the strategic business development of the Conscia Group's cybersecurity, networking, collaboration and hybrid cloud solutions and services in Germany.
Aleksander Groshev
CEO of Autobahn Security
Aleksander Groshev is an IT expert and CEO of Autobahn Security. Together with Karsten Nohl, he developed the company into an innovative provider of vulnerability workflow management. He previously gained experience at Secucloud and Fincite. Under his leadership, a platform was developed that automatically prioritizes vulnerabilities and creates instructions on how to fix them.
Amin Motalebi
Awareness Specialist
Amin Motalebi is an Awareness Specialist at sosafe. His focus is on adult education and he has extensive experience in advising on building security cultures in medium-sized and large companies. Amin Motalebi is particularly specialized in current trends in phishing and social engineering and helps companies to effectively protect themselves against these threats, improve their security measures and protect their data from cyber attacks.
Robert Wortmann
Principal Security Strategist
Robert Wortmann is an experienced expert in the analysis and planning of complex cyber defense architectures and technologies. At Trend Micro Germany, he is responsible for cyber defense architectures with a special focus on advanced detection and response.
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Protect, Detect, Respond

20. June 2024 | 09:00 - 11:15 AM

Gain insights from security providers on incident response and forensic analysis of cyber attacks.