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Belarc, Inc.

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About Belarc, Inc.

Belarc's system has been successfully used for continuous monitoring of cyber security controls in OT and IT environments by organizations such as Travelers Insurance, Shell Oil Canada, Novelis (Canada, Korea, China), Chevron, and others.

What Differentiates Them From Competitors?

Belarc's system focuses on monitoring for cyber hygiene controls and does this automatically, continuously and automatically. The results are collected in a data repository and easily shared with other on a need to know basis.

Top Capabilities

IT Asset Management
Inventarization and management of IT assets.
Logging / Monitoring Services
Monitoring of network traffic and activities like SIEM or XDR.
Remote Work Security
Enterprise technologies used for remote work, such as remote access servers, telework client devices, remote access communications and videoconferencing systems.

Top Industries

Defence & Aerospace
Finances & Banking
Public Authorities
Utilities & Energy


OT security for production
OT security for aluminum producer
Novelis Canada has used Belarc’s BelManage system for over fifteen years to monitor security controls and manage their software on their SCADA and HMI industrial contorl systems. Novelis Korea has
OT security for Oil refinary
Shell Canada
OT security for oil refinary
Shell Canada uses BelManage to automate the monitoring their refinery production equipment for select cyber security controls on their HMI (human machine interface) industrial control systems.
OT security for production
GE Steam Power (EdF)
OT security for production of steam turbines
GE Steam Power France (soon to be EdF) uses BelManage to monitor the software, hardware and security configurations on servers and VMs in their engineering lab in Massy, France.
IT security for financial advisors
Security Snapshot
IT security for financial advisors
Security Snapshot uses BelManage to automatically monitor over 6,000 computers used by independent financial advisors and report to these firms on a regular basis as to their cyber security compliance
IT security for financial services
Travelers Insurance
IT security for financial services
Travelers uses Belarc's system to automatically montitor their India operations for cyber security controls.

All Capabilities

Asset Management
Vulnerability Scanner
OT Monitoring
Vulnerability Management

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Sumin Tchen