Provider Directory Interview with Matthias Helfricht, Director Sales Germany & Austria at Kudelski Security

We got to know Matthias Helfricht from Kudelski Security at the beginning of 2022 as part of a pilot project for a customer SOC. Since then, we have worked together on many project requests. A project request is usually always an RfP, i.e. a small, focused tender for a security service or product for our CyberCompare customers.

Matthias Helfricht,
Director Sales Germany & Austria, Kudelski Security

In which security areas were the project requests located?

The requests were very well tailored to the two core topics that are the focus of Kudelski Security:

  • Managed Detection & Response Services (MDR) – The detection and defense of threats by our Cyber Fusion Center
  • Advisory Services – Holistic cybersecurity consulting focusing on the following topics
    • Governance, Risk & Compliance
    • Infrastructure, Cloud & Identity , Cloud & Identity
    • Security Operations & Incident Response
    • Data Protection & Privacy
    • Application & AI Security
    • Offensive Security
    • Application & AI Security
    • Offensive Security
    • Security Awareness

Honestly: Were you initially rather skeptical about our approach or immediately convinced?

We were skeptical at first, because we frequently receive inquiries from consulting firms that manage procurement projects. Unfortunately, the quality of the inquiries and cooperation is often very unsettled.
After a short collaboration, however, we quickly recognized the potential of Bosch CyberCompare and intensified the cooperation to build a long-term partnership.

What makes the CyberCompare approach exciting for you? And what do you like about the collaboration?

For us, the value of the CyberCompare approach lies in the time-efficient networking between us as a solution and service provider and potential customers. This makes the approach an elementary component of our measures to acquire new customers.

Typically, our project requests are anonimized to protect sensitive data of the clientele, but also to allow persistent sales people to contact the clientele only after pre-selection. Is this a challenge for you?

As sales professionals, we value direct customer contact. On the other hand, the approach is understandable and direct customer contact is made at the latest after pre-selection. In this respect, it is not a challenge as long as the information provided on customer requirements and general conditions is correct.

Why did you decide to be included in the Bosch CyberCompare Provider Directory?

For us, the Bosch CyberCompare Provider Directory offers the opportunity to present the Kudelski Security portfolio to potential prospects in a time-efficient and effective way. This kind of networking between prospects and providers offers great advantages to both parties.

What do you expect from Bosch CyberCompare?

We would like to intensify and expand the cooperation with Bosch CyberCompare.

Thanks to Matthias Helfricht for his time!

In our day-to-day business, as your independent partner we analyze customer requirements towards cybersecurity and identify suitable providers of products and services. Therefore, we have collected a significant number of interesting provider and solution profiles. Of course, this does not include any recommendations for products or providers. If you are interested in an interview with us, please send a short message to

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