How independent platforms bundle cyber expertise and help secure against cyber risks

Customers face major challenges in their search for the optimal product or service in the cybersecurity market: On the one hand, the market is highly fragmented and very dynamic, and on the other hand, there is a lack of resources and expertise. We will look at these issues in detail and show why an independent platform that covers the entire cybersecurity market as a one-stop store is so important – for companies and customers as well as providers of corresponding services and solutions.

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Our most important criteria for the selection of a BAS tool:

  • Coverage of the complete cyber kill chain
  • Real-time monitoring and necessary prior knowledge
  • Adaptability of the tools to the existing IT landscape

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Independent audits and penetration tests can decisively identify vulnerabilities and reveal potential attack targets

“Good penetration tests are the reality check for every security concept. They are based on a clear description of requirements and are carried out by security experts with practical experience. Ideally, they not only use the well-known tools (Kali Linux, Meterpreter, Cobalt Strike…), but also have their own set of automated scripts to efficiently simulate common attack paths. Tricky problems are best solved in a team. Often a Red/Blue Team exercise together with your own security team is worthwhile.
The worst penetration test is the one in which the customer learns nothing. Therefore, it is important to invest sufficient time and to design the tests as white box/grey box tests.
In addition to the “”standard”” scenarios for enterprise IT environments, penetration tests can of course also be performed for web applications, OT networks or IoT components.”

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The biggest factor in penetration testing is the experience of the penetration tester.

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