How you can build your incident response management in three steps

A broad consensus exists about the relevance of incident response management and the activities it should entail.
In practice, it is often difficult getting started and prioritizing which actions to take.
A three-step approach can help you to establish solid incident response management. Learn how you can benefit from such a tool in our whitepaper.

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3 steps to sound incident response management:

  • Determine security status, prioritize, and implement preventive measures
  • Find an incident response team
  • Exercises

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Early detection of attacks and taking countermeasures prevents drastic effects of cyber attacks

“Signing a contract early with an incident response provider includes contractually assured support (also called a “”retainer””) in the event of a cyberattack.
This assures the customer of prioritized support in the event of an emergency and enables a faster response with the support of the experts – who already know the business and can therefore quickly assist with containment (remote and on-site), forensics and restart.
The contract typically describes, in addition to an annual hourly volume (expandable in case of emergency), the corresponding service level agreements (SLA) for accessibility (usually 24/7 hotline), start of remote support (e.g. after 4 hrs), as well as possible on-site deployment, if so requested by the customer.
In most cases, an agreement is also made that unused hours can be used for proactive services in the following year (e.g. assessments, penetration tests, training).”

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A CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) focuses on incident response.

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