Virtual Panel Discussion on Industrial Cybersecurity, from May 27, 2021

Industrial Cybersecurity – Trends, Challenges, Tips and Measures

We are very happy about the positive feedback from the more than 130 participants of our virtual panel discussion on Thursday, May 27, 2021. Special thanks to our great speakers:

Markus Kriegl, Group Digital Officer at Heraeus (at the time of the panel discussion)
Linus Neumann, Hacker, IT Security Consultant, Critic of IT Security Laws
Dr. Wolf Richter, Partner and Leader of McKinsey’s Cyber Security Europe

Together, we discussed a wide range of topics in the field of industrial cybersecurity – from trends and challenges, to tips for efficient use of resources, to concrete technical measures.

Here you can watch a recording of the full panel discussion in 🇩🇪 German, with the option to play 🇬🇧 English subtitles:

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