Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) & Security Operations Center (SOC)

A Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM) collects the relevant log data from the organization’s IT and OT, can then correlate these data, and analyze them to detect anomalies. If it finds anything suspicious, SIEM triggers a warning, which is then followed up by security experts.

A Security Operations Center (SOC) can be operated internally or externally. Here, qualified experts analyze information, mainly from SIEM, but also from other sources. This service often needs to be available 24/7 and is therefore frequently transferred to external providers. In defined levels, the experts can also take action themselves if there is an incident and, for example, switch off critical systems, and they can also provide support in forensic measures.


of our customers are engaged in a SOC project

100k EUR p.a.

is considered a reasonable minimum budget for an SOC

50k EUR p.a.

as an indicative value for an SIEM for approx. 1,000 staff

Out value add:

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1. We help you to specify your requirements

  • Requirement specification
  • Tendering procedure adapted to your processes or specifications
  • Provider comparisons

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2. CyberCompare tenders your requirements anonymously

  • Pre-selection based on our market insights
  • Leveraging the CyberCompare database
  • Identification of 5-6 relevant vendor
  • Tendering along the defined criteria

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3. We provide you with an objective comparison of provider offerings

  • Consolidation of information and creation of objective comparability of offers
  • Comprehensive but clearly structured document with all the details you need for a selection
  • Selection of the favored vendors by you – gladly with our recommendations

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4. You make the last decision with our support

  • Favourite providers present themselves in person to the customer
  • Documental support with important questions and details to be clarified
  • We accompany you until your purchasing department has carried out the final negotiation and your SIEM/SOC starts operationally

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Perspective from one of our experts

I recommend that any company with revenues over $50 million or 100 employees should start looking at a SOC.

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Matthias v. Knobelsdorf

Sales Director DACH for Cyberbit

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