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Perspective from one of our experts

As SIEM continues to be one of the largest investments made by organizations, it will continue to be the center. Like the addition of UEBA to SIEM, SOAR is moving in the same direction.

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Automatic checks of log files by a SIEM provide information about possible incidents in real time

SIEM platforms read log files from various sources and analyze the data for anomalies via correlations. SIEM platforms are often used in security. However, their use is not limited to security, but can also be used to analyze non-security data for anomalies, depending on the use case.

Challenges in the selection and implementation are:

  • Design of the solution (e.g. cloud-based vs. on-premises, internally operated vs. external managed service)
  • Selection of the individually relevant use cases
  • Selection of suitable log sources and determination of log volume (e.g. GB logs per day)
  • Operations concept after implementation (internal efforts,…)
  • In many cases a SIEM is integrated into a Security Operations Center (SOC)
    A security operations center can be operated both internally and externally. Here, trained experts analyze information, primarily from a SIEM, but also from other sources. In many cases, this service is required 24/7, which is why it is often outsourced to external providers. In defined levels, the experts also react actively in the event of an emergency and, for example, shut down critical systems and support forensic measures.

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