Penetration Tests

A complete specification, solicitation of offers, clarification of queries and the comprehensible comparison of offers are time-consuming. We help you to save internal effort and costs – up to support in negotiations.

  • Scope: Enterprise IT, web applications, OT or networked products such as plants/automation components (IIoT)
  • Existing IT infrastructure (e.g. legacy operating systems, web servers) and security systems to be tested
  • Scenarios (e.g., possible privilege escalation and lateral movements of an attacker after an employee “clicks” on a phishing email)
  • References of the pentesting / red teaming company and experience of the actually entrusted employees with comparable tasks
  • We generally recommend whitebox testing for efficiency reasons (of course, there are cases where this is not desired by the customer)

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1. We help you to specify your requirements

  • Requirement specification
  • Tendering procedure adapted to your processes or specifications
  • Provider comparisons

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2. CyberCompare tenders your requirements anonymously

  • Pre-selection based on our market insights
  • Leveraging the CyberCompare database
  • Identification of 5-6 relevant vendor
  • Tendering along the defined criteria

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3. We provide you with an objective comparison of provider offerings

  • Consolidation of information and creation of objective comparability of offers
  • Comprehensive but clearly structured document with all the details you need for a selection
  • Selection of the favored vendors by you – gladly with our recommendations

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4. You make the last decision with our support

  • Favourite providers present themselves in person to the customer
  • Documental support with important questions and details to be clarified
  • We accompany you until your purchasing department has carried out the final negotiation and the Penetration Test starts operationally

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Perspective from one of our experts

The biggest factor in penetration testing is the experience of the penetration tester.

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Karsten Nohl

Founder Security Research Labs

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Independent audits and penetration tests can identify remaining vulnerabilities in a practical manner and test the effectiveness of previously implemented security measures

Good penetration tests are the reality check for any security concept. They are based on a clear description of requirements and are performed by security experts with practical experience. Ideally, they not only use the well-known tools (Kali Linux, Metasploit, Cobalt Strike…), but already have their own set of automated scripts to efficiently simulate common attack paths and, for example, circumvent or blind security measures such as EDR.

Tricky problems are best solved in a team, and it is often worthwhile to conduct a Red/Purple Team exercise together with your own security team. The worst penetration test is the one where customers learn nothing: That is why it is important to plan sufficient time and to design the tests as a white box/grey box in normal cases. In addition to the “standard” scenarios for enterprise IT environments, penetration tests can of course also be conducted for web applications, OT networks or IoT components.

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