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Be well prepared for emergencies and find a strong incident response partner now. Retainers will provide you with fast support from professionals in the event of a loss.

  • Indicent Response: find professionals for emergencies
  • Forensics: review the incident, identify causes and close gaps
  • Retainer: have Specialists on call to use resources ad hoc
  • Request further services with providers – specify individually

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Provider pitches and customer decision

1. Requirements management for sourcing

  • Target definition for Incident Response Retainer – comparison of different models (e.g. “no-cost retainer” vs. “pre-paid hours”, on-prem support, important SLA)
  • Specification for your requirements in the company or group of companies, locally or globally
  • Comparison of your requirements with the market and, if necessary, hints to get better service

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2. Market Intelligence

  • Comparison of requirements with the CyberCompare Database – fed with a large number of executed tenders
  • Suggestion of suitable providers and coordination with the customer – as an independent platform, providers can be added/released at any time
  • RfO/RfP, anonymization of the tender possible

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3. Independent comparison of offers

  • Transparent preparation of offers (degree of fulfillment of the specification, SLA models, on-prem support, costs, options)
  • Decision template incl. recommendation and orderable offers for fast processes up to the final order

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4. Pitches and final decision

  • Coordination of pitches with top provider(s)
  • Accompaniment of the final decision at the customer

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Perspective from one of our experts

A CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) focuses on incident response.

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Matthias v. Knobelsdorf

Sales Director DACH at Cyberbit

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Intervening quickly in an IT incident and taking countermeasures can greatly mitigate the impact of cyberattacks

Besides the fast detection of an attack, professional and comprehensive countermeasures are crucial to keep the damage low, to prevent the spread to further network segments, geographical regions, plants, sites, servers. E.g. encryption can often be detected, sometimes the alerts are not available (here an EDR/XDR or SIEM solution would be helpful) or the assessment of the incidents is not done correctly (internally or via an MDR or SOC service). If the attack is detected, the fast reaction is important to implement the restart quickly in parallel but also to do the forensics to trace the attack (partly in cooperation with authorities, etc.).

An Incident Response Retainer, is typically a contract with an incident response service provider and includes a contractually assured support (also called a “retainer”) in the event of a cyberattack. This assures the customer of prioritized support in the event of an emergency and enables a faster response with the support of the experts – who already know the company and thus quickly assist with containment (remote and on-site), forensics and restart. The contract typically describes, in addition to an annual hourly volume (also extendable in the event of an emergency), the corresponding service level agreements (SLA) for accessibility (usually 24/7 hotline), start of remote support (e.g. after 4 most cases, an agreement is also made that unused hours can be used for proactive services in the following year (e.g. assessments, penetration tests, training)

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