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1. We help you to specify your requirements

  • Requirement specification
  • E2E Tendering process
  • Provider validation

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2. CyberCompare tenders your requirements anonymously

  • Pre-selection based on our market insights
  • Leveraging the CyberCompare database
  • Identification of 5-6 relevant vendor
  • Tendering along the defined criteria

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3. We provide you with an objective comparison of provider offerings

  • Consolidation of vendor information and preparation of a report with clear recommendations
  • Result presentation of the report
  • Pre-selection of 1-2 favours by customers

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4. You make the last decision with our support

  • Favourite providers present themselves in person to the customer
  • Customer makes his final decision
  • Accompaniment of interactions between customer and provider

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Perspective from one of our experts

Both disciplines (risk management and information security management) should work in harmony so that potential and opportunity can be leveraged across the board. In my view, a modern ISMS cannot function without integration into risk management.

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Denis Schorr

Managing Director GORISCON GmbH


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COO Bosch CyberCompare

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Orientation to BSI Grundschutz supports your security on all dimensions

“A neutral view from the outside often helps to determine the status quo, prioritize and define security roadmaps and internal budget discussions. Of course, security audits are also often necessary for proof to customers or authorities, or as a basis for certification.

In addition to the classic ISMS frameworks such as the ISO 270xy series, the BSI IT Grundschutz or the NIST CSF, companies in plant engineering and automation technology are also increasingly making use of consulting services to prepare for product security certification in accordance with IEC 62443.

A certification is never a guarantee against attacks – but at least it normally requires systematic security management and continuous targeted improvement, regardless of the level.”