Meet the team: Johannes

Building a new digital ecosystem is no easy task, so CyberCompare has a business development team working on expanding our business model, and Johannes is part of it.

What makes the CyberCompare team special?

In the CyberCompare team, each employee is unique, fulfills an important role and drives our work forward. Despite our individually distinct strengths, we are all united by a drive every day to move the company forward, step by step. The best part is that there is always a good mood and a forward look. This combination of ambitious people, conscientious collaboration and great enthusiasm makes CyberCompare truly unique.

dynamic, ambitious, friendly

What kind of topics do you deal with in your daily work?

In Business Development, I am involved in building strategic partnerships and acquiring new customers. One day is never the same as the next; from defining new sales targets and research work to event organization, everything is involved. I currently play a special role in supporting our European roll-out, where I am involved in the planning and implementation.

What is your unique skill on the team?

My biggest strength is the ability to learn every day and to implement the advice of others in my own way quickly and effectively. I really enjoy working with new tools, take great pleasure in creative work and thinking about abstract topics. I also bring very good, multilingual communication skills, which help especially in international customer interaction.

What do you like to spend time doing in your private life?

I have been passionate about music for about 15 years, with a lot of percussion, composition and ensemble projects. Today I still play in some youth orchestras and bands. Otherwise, I also like to drift in my free time; go on spontaneous hiking trips to other countries with friends and enjoy the culture and atmosphere here in the Maastricht idyll.

3 things that fascinate you about cybersecurity…

I follow with great excitement the social and macroeconomic developments in the world. Among them, especially the digital level has brought incredible progress, efficiency, and change in my life. Nevertheless, much is still in transition and with new opportunities also new risks emerge. In this great digital transformation to make even a small contribution to safeguard and help companies deal with this dynamic environment fascinates me.

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