Meet the team: Jan

As part of the sales team, Jan takes a central role in expanding our client portfolio, particularly enjoying the combination of strategic and hands-on work.

What makes the CyberCompare team special?

Our team consists of young, motivated colleagues. After I started, I was quickly integrated into the team. We support each other and work on new tasks every day in an area that is developing rapidly. I particularly like the relaxed way we deal with each other, where the focus is never lost. We are open to new tasks and support each other with our individual strengths.

innovative, open-minded, goal-oriented

What kind of topics do you deal with in your daily work?

In my day-to-day work, I mainly deal with tasks related to the sales process. I am responsible for expanding our customer portfolio and communicating with existing and potential customers. However, working closely with colleagues from the various departments also gives me plenty of opportunities to learn about new topics outside my direct area of responsibility. Personally, I am particularly interested in tasks that deal with individual measures to protect against risks.

What is your unique skill on the team?

In the team, I would describe myself as an open and communicative member. I look forward to new challenges and think creatively about new approaches to solutions.

What do you like to spend time doing in your private life?

In my free time, I play a lot of soccer and like to spend time with my friends. The perfect combination is, of course, watching a game at the stadium with my friends on the weekend. I also like to travel, so I spent the last year abroad, and I’m looking forward to the time when I can travel again and get to know new countries.

3 things that fascinate you about cybersecurity…

Development: The topic of cybersecurity has developed steadily in recent years. Digitalization and the networking of machines are creating new opportunities for industrial companies. However, in addition to the benefits, risks are also emerging that need to be safeguarded.

Individuality: There are no general solutions to protect companies. For a protection it is necessary to look at the respective situation individually.

Awareness: In the past, it was mainly large companies that dealt with the issue of cybersecurity, but current events show that protection is also relevant for medium-sized companies.

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