Meet the team: Georg

Most customers become aware of us through our website, which is the brainchild of Georg, a web developer who is responsible for the technical implementation of our website, among other things.

What makes the CyberCompare team special?

At CyberCompare, the unique skills and experience that each team member brings to the table are valued and used in a targeted manner. There is a lot of trust within the team, which allows decisions to be made quickly and in an agile manner – this motivates one to propose and implement new ideas. If you enjoy working independently on complex topics, CyberCompare is the right place for you.

open, agile, reliable

What kind of topics do you deal with in your daily work?

My central role at CyberCompare involves managing the website, which includes publishing content as well as adapting the current and planning and implementing new sections of the website. I also deal with various technical challenges that arise over time – as the startup continues to grow, new processes and software solutions are always needed.

What is your unique skill on the team?

Most of the customers who tackle their cybersecurity challenges with us have found out about CyberCompare on our website before making their decision. As a website developer, I play a part in ensuring that potential customers find us and are so convinced by our digital presence that they want to start a project with us. This includes turning the ideas and impulses from the team into a technically implementable and visually appealing solution.

What do you like to spend time doing in your private life?

Here in Hamburg you can find me in my free time most likely with friends on the Alster or in one of the nice restaurants or bars nearby. Otherwise I like to go to the sea or the mountains – I love impressive nature and go surfing and skiing.

3 things that fascinate you about cybersecurity…

Dynamic: Cybersecurity is a dynamic topic. Every day, hardware and software solutions are developed, new regulations and standards emerge, and hacker attacks and data leaks with far-reaching consequences occur.

Complexity: Successful hacking attacks on very well organized states and corporations show that cybersecurity is too complex to be fully surveyed. Working on such an important and complex topic and trying to survey current events is a fascinating job.

Collaboration: The cybersecurity market consists of many individual companies and players. One experience we made early on is the great value of a personal network. In hardly any other market does trust have such a high value in business relationships.

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