Is your company prepared for cyberattacks? Check your cyber risk in just a few steps with a Bosch CyberCompare diagnosis.

We determine the threat level for your company based on your individual requirements profile

Beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 was a memorable year for another sad reason: record-breaking levels of cybercrime. According to a SonicWall study, 300 million ransomware attacks took place worldwide, and hackers made nearly 5 trillion intrusion  attempts. As digitization increases and the threat levels rise sharply across the landscape, companies need defense from cyberattacks more than ever. But for many businesses, implementing these measures efficiently is a big challenge. It’s often difficult to accurately determine the threat level in the first place – a serious obstacle to identifying what steps are necessary.

But Bosch CyberCompare’s cybersecurity diagnosis provides a fast, thorough overview of the cyber risks your company faces in a simple, three-step process. We customize our analysis to your individual requirements profile so that you can precisely identify weak points in your IT, IoT, and OT systems and derive the actions needed to strengthen your cyber resilience.    

Cybersecurity diagnosis

  • The diagnosis assesses your company’s risk profile in terms of the 10 most important dimensions of cybersecurity based on a two-hour discussion between your security specialists and our expert team, building on the NIST framework
  • Our catalog of questions is customized to your company’s requirements profile and maturity in line with the function, level, and complexity of the diagnosis
  • We derive efficient technical and organizational actions for improving your company’s security and show how your results compare to industry benchmarks

Understand the current threat level for your company and find out what steps to take – in just three steps

To ensure our diagnosis is completely tailored to your company’s needs, your first step is to specify the scope it should cover. Building on the parameters you set, our team of cybersecurity experts develops an individualized catalog of questions for assessing your company’s security situation.     

In the second step your security specialists take part in a two-hour discussion with our expert team. Our trained cybersecurity professionals guide you through the individualized catalog of questions. Thanks to their experience assessing 240+ Bosch locations and conducting analyses for many other clients, our team has the expertise to ask the follow-up questions that get them the details they need. If you can’t answer all the questions right away, you can supply additional information at your convenience. Based on the responses, our team then prepares your company’s specific risk profile.

In the third step you receive your results showing your risk profile along the main dimensions of cybersecurity. To ensure you get a better sense of where your company stands, we compare your individual profile with a benchmark we calculate based on companies that resemble your own in terms of size, maturity, and industry. And to help you understand what your results mean, we are happy to perform a joint analysis in a wrap-up discussion at your request.

Advantages of our cybersecurity diagnosis

Individual insights about your company’s threat level

Since our analysis is fully customized to your individual requirements, you get exactly the insights about your security profile that are relevant for you – in a fast, simple process.

A benchmark that shows where you stand in your industry

We compare your risk profile with the maturity levels for comparable companies in your industry. Based on these benchmarks, you can see how your results match up against those of your industry peers in each of the diagnosis dimensions – so you can easily spot security gaps and prioritize fast actions to close them.

Best practices

In our presentation of your results, we not only compare your company’s situation to that of your industry counterparts but also show how it lines up against recommended best practices. Our experts developed these practices based on years of experience in industrial IoT and OT plus expertise from their work to protect 240+ Bosch locations.   


Building on your results, we identify the most important and – above all – most effective levers for improving your current risk profile so that you can provide the best possible protection on a limited budget. These levers are concrete technical and organizational steps you can take right away, and most are easy to implement.  

Support for taking further action

If you want to take more in-depth action to increase your cyber resilience, our expert team can use the diagnosis to support you in developing a road map for the way forward. They will help you to identify additional measures and, at your request, can put you in touch with proven partners to implement them.

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How our diagnosis works

Nine diagnostic modules

Our diagnosis is completely tailored to your company’s maturity level. To make this customization possible, we developed a system of modules that makes determining your individual needs easy.

Our system is structured in terms of three overarching dimensions: function, level, and complexity. Each dimension contains three further submodules. You select the right combination of submodules for you, and based on your choices we can tailor the diagnosis to meet your needs.

10 dimensions of cybersecurity

Expertise developed over 30+ years in cybersecurity and experience protecting 240+ Bosch locations worldwide – plus more than 1 million connected production systems. We drew on this extensive background to identify the ten most important dimensions of cybersecurity. And we determine your individual risk profile in terms of these dimensions and use industry benchmarks and best practices showing you where you stand.

Cybersecurity diagnosis at a glance

What is our cybersecurity diagnosis?

Bosch CyberCompare‘s cybersecurity diagnosis provides a first comprehensive overview of the cyber risks at your company and helps you to plan important next steps to improve your cyber resilience and achieve best practice.

What happens during the analysis?

In a two-hour virtual discussion, our cybersecurity experts lead you through a customized catalog of questions based on the diagnostic modules you selected. Then we use your answers to compile your specific risk profile.

How does our analysis measure risk?

Your risk profile covers the 10 most important dimensions of cybersecurity and your results are compared with benchmarks for your industry peers.

What will my results look like?

You receive an individual assessment scorecard that rates where you stand in the ten cybersecurity dimensions. It also shows how your scores compare to industry benchmarks and best practices. Finally, we recommend the three top actions you can take to improve your risk profile.

Is the diagnosis available in different languages?

You can complete the diagnosis in German or English.

Are you interested in our cybersecurity diagnosis?

Just e-mail us (mail us) or give us a call (+49 711 811-91494) – we’ll be happy to provide you with more information on our diagnosis. Alternatively, you can use our diagnostic tool for an initial check of your cyber risk profile.

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