How CyberCompare assisted an industrial company in finding a qualified service provider for its complex IT and OT landscape

A security operations center (SOC) is a central location where an IT security team observes, identifies, analyzes, and deals with a security incident – around the clock. A SOC resolves problems in real-time, and, at the same time, constantly works to find options for optimizing a company’s security status.


At one industrial company, IT was already being monitored via a dedicated SOC, but monitoring for the heterogeneous OT landscape was pending. There was a great amount of uncertainty with regard to necessary functions, service levels, and architecture.

As a result, the first step was to work out the special requirements for the production landscape and the integration process. The key criteria in this context were within the required scope, meaning the system’s size and level of detail; the complexity of the implementation process; options for integration with the current IT system; the provider’s stability in terms of its ability to ensure long-term collaboration; specific experiences in the OT SOC area; references; the approach to handling data security; and, finally, an attractive amount of value for money. 

In the second step, Bosch experts conducted analysis as well as pressure tests with suppliers. Finally, an anonymous call for tenders was carried out, a short list of candidates created, and offer presentations for two above-average performers (in a market study) organized.


Through a search of CyberCompare’s database of trusted service providers, a qualified provider with expertise in OT was identified, and a clear and transparent price comparison resulted in savings of just under GBP 1.7 million compared with the original bid.

Are you considering implementing cybersecurity measures? CyberCompare has qualified providers in its portfolio and, as an independent market player, provides you with offers for comparison that are non-binding and free of charge. Contact us via e-mail or test your cyber risk profile with our diagnostic.

By the way: This article reflects our current state of knowledge, but we are learning every day, too. Are there any key aspects missing, or do you have a different perspective on the subject? We would be happy to discuss current developments in greater depth both with you and other experts within your organization, and we look forward to receiving feedback and requests.

Lastly: The mention (or lack of any mention) of a specific provider does not represent endorsement or lack of endorsement from CyberCompare. Recommendations are always made independently of individual customer situations.