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What does CyberCompare do?

We help companies to navigate the fragmented cybersecurity market and find the right providers for their individual security needs. With our support, you save time and can make optimal use of your budget. When selecting providers or evaluating offers, we draw on Bosch’s extensive experience and feedback from our external customers.

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Why is cybersecurity becoming increasingly important?

A constantly increasing number of organizations of any size is becoming the targets of cyber-attacks. Thereby, the growing connectivity along the value chain acts as an accelerator and increases the potential impact of such attacks. The attacks often involve stealing and exposing data, shutting down networks and machines, and extorting ransoms (typically payable in cryptocurrencies) for the release of stolen data.
Furthermore, both regulatory requirements and complexity in cybersecurity management are continuously increasing.
We are independent partners for comparing the different available cybersecurity solutions, so that you are optimally protected based on your unique situation.

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How does CyberCompare benefit customers of cybersecurity services and solutions?

Efficient: We save your team time – by recommending specifications, comparing offers, providing templates and playbooks, and more. We know how much of your colleagues’ time it takes to compile specification documents and clarify providers’ questions.

Anonymized: Queries to security providers can be made under the Bosch brand to protect sensitive information and obtain attractive terms.

100% provider-independent on behalf of customers, with no reselling contracts or exclusive arrangements. From huge US consultancies to German specialists or Israeli start-ups, whether they’re hidden champions or global leaders: we obtain their binding offers and compare them for you. Our recommendations are based on the good experience we’ve had with providers at Bosch or in our work with our customers.

Years of expertise: Experience gained from securing 400 Bosch sites and with many external customers. Digitization and automation are driving the complexity and scope of cybersecurity requirements – whether for enterprise IT or in an industrial context (operations technology and the Internet of Things/ connected devices). We work with you to document your needs, support you to set priorities, and find the right solution for your specific issues.

Always up to date: The cybersecurity market is dynamic. Providers need to keep their cybersecurity solutions up to date and follow the latest best practices. The technical scope of hardware and software is constantly changing and new features are developed all the time. Old providers disappear and new ones emerge who are better equipped to protect your business. With us you can switch providers with confidence.

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How does CyberCompare support IT decision makers?

We recommend providers you can trust, whose offers have been evaluated by Bosch experts or who have proven themselves in their work with our customers.

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What are the benefits for your procurement department?

We provide support in choosing a provider who offers optimum value for money. In accordance with tender requirements, we recommend several providers for the service requested. At the same time, we challenge present cybersecurity providers and draft potential new invitations to tender.

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How does your management benefit?

We offer a neutral initial diagnostic and draw up a roadmap.
We work with you to prioritize topics according to risk, cost, and effectiveness so as to permit implementation in stages.
You gain transparency about your own status quo, which can have a positive effect on cybersecurity insurance.
We maintain a regular exchange of information with similarly situated companies and our network of experts.
We clarify potential risks to reduce any possible liability on the part of the company’s management towards the company in the event of losses caused by cyberattacks.

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How does CyberCompare make money?

After a successful search the selected provider pays us a market-level commission. Searches generate no added costs for customers because CyberCompare is significantly more efficient for providers than their original sales channels.
CyberCompare’s agreements with providers ensure that these savings are passed on to customers.
We can also conduct market research and tenders based on a fee model. Just ask us for an individual offer.

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What is the added value of anonymous tendering?

For many of our customers, anonymous tendering through our organization is highly advantageous, as the current network architecture and deployed solutions are not widely dispersed in the market. This increases security considerably. At the same time, CyberCompare ensures that despite the anonymous tendering, the content of all offerings remains comparable.

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Why do providers like to work with us?

Expanded reach: We bring providers of cybersecurity services and hard and software in contact with qualified leads.
Better cost distribution: We offer you an efficient digital sales channel to connect with SMEs. Working with us, you can focus on the development of cybersecurity solutions.
Pre-selected customers: We ensure that you as a provider receive only qualified inquiries that have a realistic chance of being awarded successfully. We also pre-specify the requirements so that an offer can be prepared rapidly.
Do you own a young company that offers new approaches, relevant solutions, and/or specialized consultants, but has not yet enough presence in the market?
We are happy to assist you in a variety of areas, including a review of your product compatibility with the market, prioritization of new feature development, and can also support you in business development.

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Any further questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us personally.
We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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