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[Recording] Virtual Panel Discussion: After all the money spent, we are still vulnerable to ransomware attacks. How can we better protect ourselves affordably?

What are the lessons learned in security? How can security be implemented better? Will we ever get rid of ransomware attacks? Which role do employees play in a company’s security? Is awareness-training really worth the money spent?

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[Recording] Virtual Panel Discussion: Sharing Best Practices and lessons learned from 50+ years of cybersecurity

What are the biggest cybersecurity challenges at the moment? Which basic protective measures are a cross-industry must-have in cybersecurity? What further protective measures are there and which are relevant for my company?

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[Recording] [German] Virtual Panel Discussion about industrial cybersecurity

With Linus Neumann, Markus Kriegl and Dr Wolf Richter, we discussed a wide range of topics in the field of industrial cyber security – from trends and challenges, to tips for efficient use of resources, to concrete technical measures.

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