Meet the team: Dunya

You just came from our LinkedIn profile or read an expert interview on our website, then you discovered parts of Dunya’s work, who is responsible for the digital marketing of Bosch CyberCompare.

What makes the CyberCompare team special?

What excites me most at CyberCompare is the great support you get from every team member. No matter in which area you work: here everyone tries to help everyone where they can. We all pull together and so the work is fun and motivating. At the same time, at CyberCompare I get all the freedom I need to bring in my own ideas and concepts. That’s what teamwork looks like to me!

authentic, innovative, curious

What kind of topics do you deal with in your daily work?

My job is to prepare relevant content so that it is read with pleasure and reaches our community. To do this, I always keep an eye on the current topics and news around cybersecurity, plan campaigns, manage our LinkedIn channel and maintain our website content. In the process, I come into contact with various experts from the world of security: whether IoT, cloud or OT security: there is something new to discover every day.

What is your unique skill on the team?

My positive attitude and good mood, which help me to overcome any challenge, no matter how small or big.

What do you like to spend time doing in your private life?

When I’m not writing articles about cybersecurity, you can find me surfing in Portugal: or in any other warm country with sun, beach and good wine. On leisurely days, I like to watch independent films, listen to True Crime podcasts or read psychology papers. If I wasn’t working in marketing, I would definitely have become a psychologist.

3 things that fascinate you about cybersecurity…

That cybersecurity affects us much more in our daily lives than we think.

The extent cyberattacks can have: It is demonstrably possible to gain control of a nuclear power plant

The complexity: There are no blanket solutions and answers

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