Finding a qualified service provider for a complex IT and OT landscape

A security operations center (SOC) is a central location where an IT security team observes, identifies, analyzes, and deals with security incidents – around the clock. A SOC resolves problems in real-time, and, at the same time, constantly works to find options for optimizing a company’s security status.

How CyberCompare assisted an industrial company in finding a qualified service provider for its complex IT and OT landscape

What we were faced with

Our customer, an industrial company, was looking for a qualified provider for the integration of the heterogeneous OT landscape into the existing IT security solutions

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How our team helped

The CyberCompare team aligned on key requirements in order to define necessary functionalities, service level and architecture

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What we achieved

Through a look-up in our CyberCompare database, we were able to identify a qualified provider that contributed to an integration of the OT landscape into the IT monitoring and with it to the digital transformation of our customer

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Perspective from one of our experts:

“Almost all organizations today either protect sensitive data or rely on digital infrastructure for operations. This means monitoring alerts, detecting and responding to threats, are important.”

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Matthias v. Knobelsdorf

Sales Director DACH at Cyberbit


Integration of the OT landscape into an existing Security Operation Center

At one industrial client of ours, IT was already being monitored via a dedicated SOC, but monitoring for the heterogeneous OT landscape was pending. There was a great amount of uncertainty with regard to necessary functions, service levels, and architecture.

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Determination of specific IT and OT requirements

With an identification of the specific IT and OT requirements, we analyzed the situation in detail. With the data and specifications received, we conducted an anonymous tender with selected providers with the help of our CyberCompare experts. Finally, an anonymous RFP was carried out, a shortlist of candidates was created, and vendor presentations were organized for two companies that were above average.

The CyberCompare method:

Determination of unique requirements
Analysis and pressure tests
Anonymous call for proposals
Organization of offer presentations


Cost savings of almost €2 million and integration of the OT landscape

Through our CyberCompare database we were able to find a qualified provider to integrate the OT landscape into the monitoring. The clear and transparent price comparison resulted in savings of almost € 2 million compared to the original offer.

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