Finding a provider for effective asset management for a technology group

The goal of IT asset management is to maximize the business value of software and hardware assets. By definition, asset management also includes inventory and financing, as well as contract, license, and risk management. All of these functions offer opportunities to gain efficiencies that not every company has yet exploited for itself.

How an international technology group introduced effective asset management with our CyberCompare Matching

What we were faced with

Our customer needed to find a qualified provider for an asset management tool and had not yet obtained a budget approval from the management board

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How our team helped

We identified the individual customer specifications, conducted a detailed market research for potential providers and placed an anoymous RFQ on the market

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What we achieved

Through our referral of a highly qualified asset management tool provider, our customer was able to do an inventory of their OT assets, effectively monitor them and significantly increase their business value

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Perspective from one of our experts:

“Asset information is not a security topic, it’s a digitalization topic! Yet security is one of the key drivers in our need for asset inventories.”

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Sarah Fluchs

CIO at admeritia


Missing asset management for complex OT landscape

Our customer, an international technology group, did not yet have an asset inventory, monitoring or asset management in the OT area. Furthermore, the company had a heterogeneous system landscape of IT, OT and IoT. Although there was a need for an asset management tool, there was no budget approval yet.

Find out how you can significantly increase the business value of your IT/OT/IoT assets through effective asset management

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Individual requirements and anonymous RFQ

We started by developing an individual catalogue of requirements. Based on this, we researched potentially suitable service providers, evaluated them according to different criteria and then carried out an anonymous RFQ. After selecting the appropriate provider, we prepared a comprehensive management document so that the IT managers could obtain budget approval.

The CyberCompare method:

Creation of a catalogue of requirements
Screening and evaluation of potential suppliers
Anonymous tender
Preparation of a comprehensive report


Maximising the business value of OT assets

Through our matching, our customer got access to a highly qualified provider for effective asset management, tailored to their individual needs. This saved valuable resources and convinced the management to approve the budget. However, we were not only responsible for the matching, but also assisted our customer in the implementation of the asset management tool.

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