Closed security gaps through comprehensive diagnostic

In healthcare, the use of digital systems, processes, and infrastructure has been growing rapidly for years. With the growth of IT, medical, and building technologies, the cyber attack surface increases, and so does the frequency of attacks.

How CyberCompare Diagnostic helped close security gaps at a European hospital

What we were faced with

Our customer had no overview of his current security level and therefore there was a great amount of uncertainty regarding existing vulnerabilities and the required service level to address them

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How our team helped

We conducted a neutral initial diagnostic and assisted our customer in the further selection of suitable providers

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What we achieved

Our customer received an overall view of his current security status and was able to eliminate the identified vulnerabilities through vendors we recommended

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Perspective from one of our experts:

“Companies that have not previously placed a high value on IT security and think they can completely outsource their cyber risk will struggle finding an adequate insurance protection.”

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Ole Sieverding

Underwriting Manager in the Cyber Division at specialist insurance company Hiscox


Missing monitoring for digital infrastructure

For our customer, a European hospital, there was no dedicated monitoring of digital infrastructure. Additionally it was in the midst of a digitization process, resulting in parallel operation of new, networked and legacy assets. This made it difficult to find suitable security solutions.

Find out how to profit from our initial diagnostic

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Identification of weaknesses through a diagnostic

We were asked to conduct a diagnostic to identify the company’s specific needs. Through this process, our CyberCompare team was able to identify three main gaps. Furthermore, we supported our customer in the selection of a GRC tool (governance, risk management and compliance) by conducting a detailed market analysis and identifying the best vendor-customer matches. In order to find the most suitable vendor, specifications for a monitoring solution were additionally developed. This enabled us to ensure the greatest value at the lowest cost for our customer.

The CyberCompare method:

Identification of top cyber risks
Support in the selection of a GRC tool
Specifications for a monitoring solution
CyberCompare diagnosis report


Increased security through cyber insurance

Thanks to our in-depth diagnostics, critical gaps were identified and assessed. Through a transparent comparison and anonymous request for offers using our verified provider network, we arranged the best cyber insurance for the healthcare company, tailored to its requirements and budget.

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