November 25th: Stealing passwords with Google Chrome extension +++ Aurora Stealer Malware 

Stealing passwords with Google Chrome extension 

In 2020, ViperSoftX was reported by Fortinet. Since then, according to researchers from Avast, the malware has developed quite far.  

What is ViperSoftX? It is a multi-stage malware which was designed to mainly steal cryptocurrency and also some other information of the infected host. ViperSoftX usually infects its victims by hiding in a cracked version of an application.  

After the cracked application is launched, a chain of codes is executed, which ends in a Chromium-based browser extension called VenomSoftX. This extension tries to hide itself under the name “Google Sheet 2.1” and can even update itself. While it is active, it tries to hack into the most used crypto websites. Once the victim tries to make a trade, it changes the Web-address to direct the money to one’s own account. 

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Aurora Stealer Malware 

Another Go-based malware, known as Aurora Stealer, is becoming increasingly popular. Its goal is to steal sensitive information from 40 different applications, including Telegram and some cryptocurrency wallets. 

The infection chain starts through phishing pages, such as SEO-poised pages or fake pages for legitimate software. After infecting the host, Aurora scans the files until it finds a matching filename or directory with the desired applications and extensions. After finding a match, all relevant data is encrypted with base64 and sent as a Json file via TCP to the C2 server. Additionally, Aurora can act as a loader and enable the intrusion of additional malware. 

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